Going to university isn’t for everyone and no matter what they say you can still be successful even if you don’t have a degree. Three years ago I felt an immense amount of pressure to attend university but here is why I think it’s okay not to go to university, especially straight from high school!

1. You’ll never get your twenties back
It sounds so cliche but it’s true. These days getting into university later on is very easy so don’t feel pressured to take an offer you’re unsure of. If you want to have a break and work and/or travel then do it because it’s the easiest time of your life to drop everything to go overseas.

2. Success isn’t measured by a degree
10 years ago if you didn’t attend university and didn’t get a degree then you weren’t successful but nowadays you have the ability to study alternative ways or just later on. It’s unfair when people judge you for not attending university and you should never ever feel like a failure because you’re not enrolled in a course the traditional way.

3. Do what’s right for YOU
A lot of people will reassure you about university and tell you that you’ll love the course in two years or that you’re just going through a phase. Sure that may be the case for some people but I think this is one of those critical decisions you make your life where you need to listen to what you’re gut is telling you. If you’re going to enrol to keep your parents or friends happy then maybe have a rethink.

4. If you’re happy that’s all the matters
One I wish I had of thought about when I was at university. For about a year I had the mindset ‘oh it’ll get better’ or ‘I’ve only got three years left’. If you’re unhappy or just unsure remember most courses have the option where you can defer your spot for 6, 12 months or longer (what I decided to do). At the end of the day if you’re really not happy then you need to take the steps to make your happiness a priority and taking a break from study may just be exactly what you need!

Do you think it’s okay not to attend university?

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  1. 1

    I think it’s 1000% okay to attend uni! Sure, if you want to be a doctor or dentist then it’s essential to go to university. But for almost any other career, there are loads of different paths to follow. For example, a law degree is great if you’re interested but there are more vocational ways to get there, like an apprenticeship! It’s more important to find a course/job/apprenticeship etc that suits you and you will enjoy doing. At the end of the day, you’re going to earn more money by doing a job you enjoy than a job you feel you have to do!

    Emma x

    • 2

      I cannot agree with you more. I know what I’m doing at the moment isn’t very traditional but I’m very happy and that’s all that matters to me. x

  2. 3

    You’re right. I did go to University, and I’m glad I did but in a way, it didn’t give me an edge professionally. I’ve traveled a lot and lived in different cities and countries and that brought me more than my degree!


    • 4

      I love that your life experience has brought you so much more to you than your degree! It’s always a good excuse to travel more ;P

  3. 5

    Love this post! After finishing high school, I was in a community college for a couple months and I just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to major in. I think people need to realize that going to college is a big decision, especially when you have to take out student loans… I felt like it was best not to waste time/money on something that I wasn’t even sure about. After all, I can always go back later when I’m 100% sure of what to do :) Just like you mentioned, I think being happy is the only thing that matters :)

    • 6

      I was in exactly the same position which is why I left as well! I hope you find a path that’s right for you :) x

  4. 7
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  6. 11

    So many people I know have become successful without going the said route of school-uni-job. Obviously some careers need a uni degree to get to so that’s what you have to do. I also know people who have done a couple of courses (uni and non-uni) and aren’t doing anything with them. I went straight into uni as I got a scholarship but turned down my job offer and had to pay back the entire scholarship allowance (finally it’s paid off after 3 years!) and I’m not even working with what I studied haha. So you never know where life leads you!!

    • 12

      Wow Kat! It sounds like you had a rough couple of years but I’m so glad you’re happy now. It’s funny how things end up x

  7. 13
    • 14

      It probably is… Although I went to uni and I did in theory waste money I also gained lots of experiences and friendships so I guess you can’t regret it :) but it does happen alot! x

  8. 15

    I left uni half way through last year as it was not what I wanted to do at the time and I wasn’t enjoying it at all, just like you said if you’re happy that’s all that matters and I am glad I realised that. I loved this post so much! xx

    Bethany | littlewhitelane.blogspot.com

  9. 17

    I cannot agree more! I do have a degree but I definitely don’t need it for what I’m doing. As long as you spend your time learning be that short courses, travelling, developing hobbies just learning about yourself and what you want that’s all you need! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  10. 19

    I also think it’s due to a lot of pressure from family and those around you, as many still think having a uni degree makes you successful! Although I am going to uni, it’s to pursue a career in the health sciences and I think people are free to do what they want. Uni is expensive, and if the stress and everything doesn’t make you happy, it’s completely not worth it!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  11. 21

    Loved this post Sarah :) It’s so true that when you’re young its the perfect time to explore life at the pace you want and there is no time limit on education. Also there’s so much pressure and focus on university leading to a corporate career and not as much information about creative or alternative careers.

    • 22

      Exactly! I wish that in the later years of high school they went into more details about alternative careers instead of focusing on university degrees. X

  12. 23

    I think it’s fine not to go to uni, but it’s not fine to give up just because it gets hard. Many worthwhile things are hard. If it’s genuinely not what you want to do, of course you shoulnt beat yourself up about it. Also, I think that its good to remember that some doors WILL be closed to you. Many, many jobs have tertiary quals as a minimum.

    • 24

      I do agree with you in not giving up when it gets hard – like with everything that’s just not cool! But if your job doesn’t require quals then I think it’s important not to stay especially if you’re also unsure of what it is you want to do too :) x

  13. 25

    I love this post. I’m in my first year at University (I’m actually typing this comment in-between lectures sat in Costa – probably should be sat in the library…) I hate how people think University is the only option. Before I joined University I spoke to a successful journalist who didn’t go to University whereas his friends (who are also journalists) did, and the only difference between them is the fact that this journalist was earning before his friends, whilst they were at University. Yeah a degree is good for certain careers but it’s not the only way into a career. Like I said, I’m only in my first year and I’m thinking of deferring next year for maybe 6 or 12 months. I hate that I’ve been in education all my life and know nothing else. I could talk for hours about my University experience haha.

    I wrote a blog post on my University experience along with some advice (http://alexrichwrites.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/my-university-experience-and-advice.html)

    Thanks for this post, it’s definitely something to think about

    Alex | alexrichwrites.blogspot.co.uk

  14. 26

    Agree with this 100% – although I’m in my second year at university I have friends who didn’t do well in school and didn’t go to university, but are succeeding doing things that they love and making a living way. If you don’t need university to create the future or the career you desire – then don’t do it. Why spend thousands of dollars when you could be earning money and working your way to the top? You have a few years head start on the others! My career path (PR, marketing, communication) is quite competitive so university is a necessity – but in saying that, most employers look for EXPERIENCE! Something you can get without a university degree.

    • 27

      So true! If I go back to university, something I haven’t ruled out, I think I’ll do PR, marketing and communication :) x

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