#GIRLBOSS is by Sophia Amoruso the founder and CEO of online giant ‘Nasty Gal’. When I heard this book was releasing I was interested but a little sceptical mainly due to the title but here is what I made of the book.

There is no doubt Sophia is a very clever business woman and has made herself something out of nothing. The book is somewhere in between a memoir and a business advice book with Sophia talking alot about her own experiences along the way of building Nasty Gal into the huge success it is today.

In parts I did appreciated the tone in which Sophia spoke throughout the book – very empowering and not one bit patronising. The advice scattered throughout the book speaks of how to work hard, get your voice heard and channel the passion you have. Despite all of this I feel as though the majority of the book was Sophia speaking about how incredible she was and how lazy the rest of her generation is… And it wasn’t nice.

I respect her work ethic and think what she has achieved without any formal education is really inspiring but it was although she was talking down to the readers. Whilst I appreciated Sophia’s voice and advice I found myself often skim reading through parts where she was talking about herself…. Again. Bragging about the money she makes, how quickly NastyGal grew and along with that so did her profile. Constantly we’re reminded about those three things as though we were meant to be constantly congratulating her. At one point there is a whole chapter about the idea of luck and how Sophia claims her ‘positive thinking’ is how she ended up with the opportunities that came her way. Spew. I think the unique idea and hard work is what presented those opportunities.

Of course there was so many inspiring stories for her and others scattered throughout the book and I do feel as though I got something out of the read but in general it seemed Sophia is a tad self-absorbed. I guess I probably would be if I had something similar to her story though.

Would I recommend it? I’m not sure. As I said there are some inspiring parts to the book but overall I found Sophia annoying. A inspirational woman but not one I would ever want to have dinner with.

Have you read #GIRLBOSS? What were your thoughts?

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    Thanks for the honest review, Sarah. I haven’t read but have heard lots of positive things about Girl Boss. Might give it a try on the plane and get back to you!

    SSG xxx

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      No worries at all! I do think parts of the book are inspiring however the overall tone is the reason I didn’t enjoy.. Let me know how you find it if you end up reading :) x

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    Oooo, I read the book too and felt a little bit of what you mentioned. I still loved the book, it was like having that chat with your parents after your report card was out, uncomfortable for bits but you end up trying harder.

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    I’ve been wondering whether to purchase this book for a while! I’m still not sure now if I’m honest, I might still give it a try but I really appreciate your honesty that’s for sure!!

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