July has been a crazy month for me with lots of birthdays, weekend antics and our first month with little Simba in the family. Beauty product wise the industry is bursting with new products so here is a round up of the latest beauty loot to hit the market this month!  


1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (waterproof) 
I know you guys are probably sick to death of hearing about Maybelline’s latest launches but to be fair they have been on fire this month! I’m going to be bold and say this mascara is the best new mascara in the pharmacy so far this year and that’s really saying something. The curved wand makes it super easy to apply the mascara right up into the roots and the super volumising formula means you can really get a dramatic look. As usual I opted for the waterproof version to hold my droopy lashes but the non-waterproof version is fantastic if you don’t have #droopylashproblems


2. Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Liner 
Chances are you’ve seen the advert on TV about this mascara boasting a wand that allows you to create a thin line and then simply by turning it on a different side a thicker line. I think that’s a bit gimmicky and prefer to use the thicker side to apply the product. Regardless of the applicator the formulation is long-lasting on my oily eyelids which is the most important thing for me. The thin side of the wand can be a little patchy, as if not enough product gets into the wand, but apart from that a super easy one to use and apply.


3. L’oreal Infallible Matte Foundation 
I won’t harp on about this one as I’ve done a full review on it already this month but it is a really great foundation from the pharmacy. My gripe with it is that it isn’t suited to my current skin type because it sticks to my dry patches quite badly. Once winter is gone and my skin clears up I’m going to purchase another shade but it’s a great one to try for normal to oily skin types.


4. Glam By Manicare 2 packs 
Although this isn’t a NEW product release Glam by Manicare are now producing these awesome two packs of some of my favourite lashes which made me SUPER excited. If you haven’t checked out the lashes by Glam By Manicare it’s a must-try brand as all the lashes are so easy to use and there is a great range of lashes available.


5. Jurlique Limited Edition Rose Hand Cream
Jurlique is one of my favourite brands for skincare and as a bit of a celebration for their 30th anniversary they’ve released a limited edition Rose Hand cream. It’s gorgeous! The hand cream is one of their cult products and I couldn’t think of a more perfect product to come with limited edition packaging for the month.


6. Laura Mercier Extra Sculpting Mascara
I’m a sucker for a new mascara and this one is an awesome offering from Laura Mercier (although I’m still all about the new Maybelline one!). The plastic bristle brush allows you to separate the lashes with ease and the super black formulation gives really intense lashes fast. It’s very buildable and if I didn’t have #droopylashproblems I can easily say that this would be my absolute favourite mascara. If you don’t need a waterproof formula to hold a curl this is a great option.


7. Laura Mercier Lip Parfait
Say hello to your lips new best friend. These are a new lip line from Laura Mercier ranging from nude to dark vampy colours that all have a gorgeous, hydrating formulation. Don’t be fooled by the hydrating element though these still pack a punch in the pigmentation department. A range I would recommend trying nuder colours over the bold ones to save any smudging post-chicken sandwich!


8. Clarins Radiance Glow Booster
Clarins has to be one of my favourite skincare brands, along with Jurlique of course, and they’ve bough out this really cool product that allows you to customise your tan. Essentially this is a potent tanning formulation you add to your everyday moisturisers to turn them into a tanning lotion. Genius right? I love the level of control you get with these! You’re able to build up a good tan over 3 days or just add a soft glow with a once off application. Perfect for the winter!


9. Kiehl’s Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream (not on counter until August 12th) 
Every so often Kiehl’s release a limited edition packaging to support a particular cause and/or charity. This month they’ve added a gorgeous art work to their Ultra Facial Cream to raise money for the charity Adopt Change which is a charity that helps children find permanent, loving families when they may not come from that. I love when brands really do some cool things to help charities and Kiehl’s is a brand that time and time again impresses me. The Ultra Facial Cream is an incredible all-rounder moisturiser for almost every skin type so I urge you to try it out in August to support the cause and find an awesome new moisturiser!


10. Matrix Cleansing Conditioner for Fine Hair
When you’re reading this I’m currently still trying to figure that sweet spot on how many pumps is perfect for my hair. I’ve managed to nail it twice and been so impressed then never replicated it again leaving my hair with really greasy hair so this product is definietly one to master but the results when you get it right are AWESOME. I love the idea of a cleansing conditioner, it’s great for the time poor or those who really don’t want to give your hair a deep clean every single wash. I’m not sure whether I’d ever replace my normal routine with this permanently but I do really appreciate the quick fix… Now just to get the quantity right!


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Have you tried any new releases lately? What have been some of your faves?


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    Gorgeous products! I can’t wait to try the Maybelline mascara when I FINALLY finish my N Buy July! X

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  7. 13

    Fab post hun, the Maybelline wing liner sounds right up my street as I’m on the hunt for a new eyeliner. I love the L’oreal infallible foundation it’s such a great foundation and the formula is amazing, just a shame it hasn’t suited your skin type :(

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

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    Maybelline mascara has always been my favorite.
    And because I’m a fan of waterproof mascaras, they’re one on top of my list.
    So I don’t wonder why a lot of lovelies love this maybelline stuffs :)

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

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  13. 24

    I’ve now got a ton of maybelline things I want to try now :P All their new liners sound super cool and I do like doing a thick eyeliner, so will be sure to check them out.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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    Wow! So many releases this month!! I have been loving Laura Mercier as a brand – I hadn’t really tried any of their offerings until this month! I really want to try the new L’Oreal foundation, but I cant get it in my town :( I will have to wait until I hit the big smoke to get it!! Great post Sarah!

    Mel x | Loads of Lifestyle

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