You’ve probably heard all about Zoeva brushes by now. The affordable European cosmetic brand are taking the beauty industry by storm challenging more expensive brands by providing the mark with super affordable make up brushes and now even more make up! Not only is this brush set pretty darn affordable it’s also completely vegan friendly – hoorah!


The brush set I’m going to be telling y’all about today is the ‘Vegan Face Set’ which contains 6 brushes for just under $100AUD which is pretty darn good considering how expensive other brands can be. First off the quality of these brushes are so incredible. They’re super soft and shape beautifully – each unique making the collection a really well rounder collection of brushes that’ll have you covered for most requirements around the face.


142 / Concealer Buffer
I actually forgot this brush was included and for the first week of having the set this was still chilling in the pouch it came in.. DERP. It’s a dense, small blender that really allows you to softly blend out any edges.


110 / Face Shape
Finally I’ve found a contouring brush I actually like it’s a similar shape to the concealer brush but a little larger but still small enough it fits perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks. I like initially applying product with this and then moving in with something a little more fluffy to blend out the edges. This would also be absolutely fine for concealer too!


104 / Buffer
I own so many buffing brushes and I like this one because it’s not overly dense. Sometimes I find buffing brushes can be a little too stubby making it difficult to blend out products and not to mention all the product that builds up in the middle of the brush making it so hard to clean. This is the perfect balance between still being a great structured buffing brush but also having some flexibility too it.


128 / Cream Cheek
Probably the most multi-use brush in the collection because you could litteraly use this for anything from highlight to blush or even contouring (I use this for blending out contour at the moment). The tapered shape makes it easy to customise how much product you actually put on your face which I really appreciate.


106 / Powder
I’ve been using this for powdering all over the face but definitely one you could use for powdering and blush. The bristles are a little longer and for flexible then other powder brushes I’ve used but it’s pretty dense so it’s a welcomed edition to my existing collection.


102 / Silk Finish
This is like the concealer and the face shapes bigger sister again and it’s one I’ve been using for blending out concealer as well as applying foundation if I don’t want to use the buffing brush. It really offers a gorgeous blend without requiring too much work.



Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? What were your thoughts?

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    I only have two Zoeva brushes and to be honest I didn’t really understand the hype at first, but after using them a bit more I’ve grown to love them. I think it was just that I didn’t quite buy the right brush type for what I wanted them to do.


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      Oh that’s a shame! I love these guys but went in without wanting a brush to do a particular job.. If that makes sense?

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    Yeeeeessss! Love Zoeva brushes! I use the concealer buffer on the daily, and I think the Face Shape is great for undereye concealer and cream highlighter. At first I thought the Silk Finish was too dense but I actually really like it for patting foundation in rather than buffing!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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    I have been lusting after this brand for far, far too long. But now I hear they’re launching in Sephora Aus! How exciting! I’ll be snooping around that stand for hours, I can feel it.

    xx Julia

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    I’ve got a couple of Zoeva eye brushes (221 & 227 x 2 each) and the 102 face brush and I really like all of them! I’ve heard the 110 brush is really good for foundation so that and a few others have been on my wishlist for a while. In fact I really just need to pick up one of their rose gold brush sets already!

    jessica – littlehenrylee.com

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