Want even more ideas? Check out my initial post here  for 20 more! 

1.Beauty lessons learned
Take a period of your life or experience and write about the different lessons you learnt from that time. I love reading what people have learnt since being a teenager – so funny!


2. Your tips for beginners for (filling in eyebrows/applying eyeshadow/choosing foundation shade)
Put yourself in a beginners shoes and really take the time to explain it – these type of posts always do super well on Bloglovin’.


3. Favourite nail polish/lip colour/eyeshadow for the current season
My personal favourite way to chat about what it is you’re loving!


4. Chat about what blogging has taught you
Whether it’s too be more experimental or organise your time it’s always interesting to hear about people’s blogging experiences.


5. Share snippets of your beauty stash
I know some will find this cringey but I personally love seeing what is in your everyday make up bag/draw or even your full collection. People loving being nosey!


6. Give make up tips for holiday/summer/winter/back-to-school
Explain your favourite ways to change things up for that particular event or time of year.


7. Take a beauty trend and make up more wearable
It’s easy to see the different trends coming through and most the time they last a fair amount of time (I’m looking at you contouring!). Do your research and then create a wearable look for everyday.


8. Take a beauty trend and explain it
Or take a step back and just EXPLAIN what the heck it is – y’all loved my recent one on contouring :)


9. Chat about your favourite feel good make up products
Such an uplifting post to write and peeps love hearing about what makes you feel YOU.


10. Curate a list of your top selection of salons/shopping destinations/make up artists in your area
This is such a helpful way to share your favourite places and talent… Plus if you love your hairdresser I’m sure they’ll appreciate it too.


Do you have any ideas to add? What are your favourite ways to come up for ideas for posts?


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