Last week where I shared a few snippets of my engagement party and some tips on hosting one I said I’d do one about saving money when planning your engagement party. Here are my top tips that I learnt (and some I did go by!).


Don’t over complicate things
If you’re unsure about having an engagement party then don’t. Simple. If you’re like us and not sure – kinda wanna kinda don’t then don’t rush into it. There are so many pressures that surround getting engaged/married but just remember to do what makes YOU GUYS comfy. After we decided what we were going to do we attempted to keep things simple and remember the real show is the wedding ;P


Break everything down
When you’re figuring out how much food to order (if you’re DIY-ing) then break everything. Figure out how many beers people will drink and how many rolls people will eat etc etc. We ended up with barely any leftovers, I’m talking one slab of beer, because we were spent alot of time figuring out numbers. It’ll save you alot of money because you won’t be over catering to a crazy extent.


Don’t over style – less is more
We nearly went CRAZY with decoration and even then we still did do alot of styling that wasn’t really needed. I would say keep it simple and if you’re purchasing decorations do it with the mindset that you could potentially use them for the wedding. Anything we bought over hiring we always asked ‘will we use these for the wedding?’ most of the time the answer was yes.


Shop around
Whether you’re outsourcing catering, looking for a venue or buying bulk meat there are so many vendors out there so make sure it call around and get prices. Although we didn’t do this due to being in a time pinch and wanting to shop local 100% it’s something to consider!


What are your top tips for saving money when throwing an ace party?




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