One thing I feel pretty passionately about is getting the most out of your wardrobe and making sure you’re wearing everything you have. Apart from occasion wear there is no point hanging on to the pieces you’re just not getting the wear out of.


Wearing dresses into autumn/winter with tights or as a tunic
This is probably the best way I really make sure that I wear clothing year around. I’m obsessed with dresses  I can wear as layering pieces, with jeans as a tunic top or even with tights. They make dressing fun but also so easy because you always have those fail safe pieces. This Silence White Shirt Dress is INCREDIBLE for wearing both in summer and over the top of pants because it literally looks like a tunic top. I love the tie detail because it pulls you in at the waist… It’s just such an easy wear so make sure you’re getting the most out of your summer dresses!!


Consider how you store your clothing
If you follow my Instagram Stories you would’ve spotted that Isaac made me a whole new wardrobe set up because honestly it had gotten to a pretty grim point. I was storing my knits and jeans on the floor in piles because we just didn’t have any decent storage. It meant I was wearing the same things over and over not really giving different things a workout. Now I’m able to see all my clothing as I have a huge hanging space and shelves. I know not everyone has the luxury of having the space or a handy hubby but try to find a solution that works for you and means you’re able to store your pieces so you get more out of them.


Regularly go through EVERYTHING
It’s a tough tedious job but seriously it means you’re able to clear those pieces that hang around but you never wear and you can focus on the things you love. I do this probably more often a sick amount because I’m obsessed with clearing out and starting again (check out my Depop and Carousell if you don’t believe me). If you’re shit at getting rid of things do it with a friend so they can help you make those hard decisions.


Have a separate space for sentimental pieces
This is something I’ve only done recently but it’s helped me finally move all the crap like my year 12 t-shirt out so I can focus on pieces I wear. I don’t believe you need to hold onto things like your year 12 t-shirt but if you feel you kinda half to get a memory box and pop it in there so you don’t have to sift through it when looking for something to wear on the weekend.


Take care of your clothes
I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to caring for clothes after ruining a very expensive jumpsuit – follow what the label says unless you have experience washing the item!! I cannot stress it enough people…. Obviously I haven’t gotten over that experience haha. We only use cold water cycle and we don’t own a drier but I’d be carefully putting things in the drier because it can really change the shape of items. Dry all your knits laying flat over a clothes rack and then store them folded over hanging to keep the shape. You get the idea – just be mindful of how you take care of your clothes so they’re lasting well for you.


Don’t over spend every season
Instead have small goals that you’d like to focus on every season. For example I have the goal of finding more tops to go with pants and jeans because it’s an area I’m lacking in. It may sound silly but because I have that focus goal it stops me from overspending on dresses or jackets that I don’t NEED when I’m out shopping. It forces you to work your existing wardrobe and hunt out pieces that will stay in your wardrobe long term.


What I’m wearing: Silence White Shirt Dress (gifted, wearing a size 8) | Asilio Spank My Love Pants (size 8, they do run big so keep that in mind) | Elroy Eyewear Harper Sunglasses (not current but available in black) | Lack Of Colour Fedora | Mollini Boots (not current but they’ve done similar ones this season)

What are your top tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe?

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    I agree with all your points! I wore a short sleeved shirt dress over some ponte leggings recently & it worked fairly well (I teamed it with sneakers, but next time I’ll try ankle boots). I’m bad at taking care of some of my clothes, but I’m going to change the way I’m storing my knits because I’m worried I’ll stretch them by hanging them up. Having a list/lists will help you to focus on your wardrobe as well – I’ve currently got summer, winter, transeasonal & accessories lists to help me remember what I want/need & stop me from buying things I DON’T need.

    Shell // The Novice Life

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