THE WEEKLY NOTES #27 easter weekend, my first tattoo & the blog sale is LIVE

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I’M BACKKKK! And instead of responding to emails like I should be I’m going to write a chatty post because I’m missed you guys!!


How was everyone’s Easter? We flew up to Grafton where Isaac has family and it was a bittersweet weekend. I loved going along with the whole family however it’s the first Easter I haven’t spent with my family. Our families are very contrasting. Isaac’s is older, most of his brothers have partners (3 who are currently expecting babies!!), his youngest sister is my age and they’re all very go-go-go when they’re together. In my family I’m the eldest girl with 4 younger sisters and 1 older brother so although chaotic it’s a different kind of chaos. It wasn’t as if I didn’t enjoy myself because I had a great time but it was different for me and I didn’t think it would a big deal but it was.

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As some of your may have heard I got my first tattoo just before Easter weekend! It was such a fun experience despite my initial nerves. I’ve had a few people ask why a crown so I thought I’d address that whilst telling you a little about the experience. Isaac and I had been wanting to get a tattoo together for well over a year. Some of you will cringe at that but we love tattoos so it made sense to get something for us. We definitely ruled out names and initials because that just wasn’t something we personally felt was right for us, instead we’ve been searching for something same but different we could get. About 6 months ago we started really looking then when we got engaged we narrows down a few ideas and seriously started thinking about placement/design etc.

The crown was the idea that stuck so we went with that. Placement and design were tricky to decide but we ended up with the outside of the wrist which we’re both pretty stoked with. The design is nothing like what I thought I wanted. Initially I wanted simple line work which then developed into more of a crown but nothing like what Rick (I’ve linked his Instagram on my profile if you’re wanting an awesome Bendigo tattooist) came up with. My only guidelines was nothing too prissy or girly because that’s so not me. We changed the design again before doing the stencil and I really love the way it came out. My advice for design is work with your tattooist and trust them!

Some of you will be curious about pain, like I was. Everyone is different but for me I found it a satisfying feeling, kinda like getting your eyebrows waxed, it’s uncomfy but not unbearable. I really enjoyed the feeling of the shading too. In saying that my tattoo is only small – we’ll see if I think that when I get a bigger piece! Oh and we didn’t use numbing cream at all so I think if you’re put off because of pain then just go for it! If you have any questions I’ll answer them as best as I can.


Last but not least my blog sale is finally up and running over on Instagram @mtablogsale – yay!!! I have mainly clothes and a few make up bits over on there ATM but more will be added. Press samples are free – just pay postage so definitely go check it out as I’ll be adding more throughout this week.


What have you been up too? Anything exciting?


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    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say they found getting a tattoo to be a satisfying feeling. I don’t have any tattoos (I’m way too indecisive) but I feel like if I did ever get one I’ll either be like you and be okay with the pain, or I’ll just straight up cry. It could go either way!

    Also, welcome back :)

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      Thanks girl! I’m so happy with how it turned out. You’ll be fine! It’s honestly not as bad as what you think :)

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