THE WEEKLY NOTES #32 bring on holidays and a bit of reflection

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I couldn’t help but sharing this photo on the blog even though I shared it last week on Instagram… It’s just TOO CUTE!!!!


We haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting the past few weeks because we’re in saving mode for our upcoming Bali trip. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here after booking it way back in January. It’s our first overseas trip and we’re going with a couple of friends. We were talking about it the other day and Isaac and I have never, ever been on a holiday just the two of us. Isn’t that funny? 7 years together and we’ve only gone away for weekends or with our family/friends. So our honeymoon will be our first holiday away just us – crazy! Does anyone have any honeymoon destinations we should look at? We just want somewhere where we can go chill and be waited on/pampered/eat like kings.
I’m writing this on Thursday and so far this week I’ve done exercise every single day this week. Last night was only 20 minutes but hey I got to the gym and made it happen. You guys are probably so sick of me talking about the gym and exercise however it’s been a huge lifestyle change for me this year. It’s something I’ve been surrounded by my whole life, my Mum does Ironmans and is a personal trainer, and I have never had any interest in being active. It’s also a milestone for me because when I was 17/18 I had health issues that stopped me from playing netball and being active at all. Now I feel really lucky and grateful to finally have that disease in place that it allows me to be more active. If there is something I learnt young it’s never ever to take your health for granted because it really hindered my late teen years.



What has been happening with all of you? Anything interesting?!

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    I think if you want to be pampered and eat like kings then somewhere like Bali or Thailand (Koh Samui especially) is perfect, but if you’re just looking for somewhere amazing overseas to go in general then I would highly recommend Europe- specifically Italy or the Greek Islands!

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    Good job with the gym attendance!! I’ve been twice this week and dreading my next couple of visits hahaha. Totally not for me =P

    I did a contiki tour through Europe for our honeymoon so it’s not quite the pampering version you’re after.

    xo Kat @ Katness

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      Haha I’m trying! Admittedly my 2 visits later in the week were 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then home because it was so so so cold and I was hungry haha

      That sounds amazing though Kat! We want to save a really fun Conitiki trip for the following year and do some serious relaxing next year :P

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