DEPOP has been one of those apps that kept popping up in my newsfeed due to the company working with some big name bloggers. Instead of resisting I decided to download it and check it out because I was due for a big wardrobe clear out. It’s safe to say I’m addicted!


For those of you who don’t know Depop is an app that I’d compare to Instagram in it’s set out. You have your profile and then a feed you can scroll through as well as an explore page. You can utilise it for selling your own things OR you can just purely shop other people’s feed and find some real gems. It’s addictive and so bloody good! Why should you be using Depop?


Clearing out is healthy
It’s okay to move on the dress you splashed out but only wore once. Been there and done that (sorry Bec & Bridge) it’s not fun. Clearing out all those pieces that you’re just not loving is GOOD. It means you’re making way for new things that will bring you joy and you’re also giving someone else the chance to find their new favourite item. It really is a win, win!


You find so many gems
I’ve purchased a few things using the app but my favourite are a trusty pair of booties that I’d eyed up last season at over $230. I follow a few of my favourite bloggers and, yep you know where this is heading, the chances were that one was selling them for $50!!!! They’ve been worn a fair few times but still in amazing condition so I was really stoked. Alot of people who trying to get rid of things are open to offers too so always message people before purchasing and suss it out.


It’s super user friendly
Most people I know are still on the Ebay train and although Ebay still have a bigger audience, in my opinion, it’s so much easier to use Depop. Listing items is a whole lot quicker and once you’re in the groove it takes way less time. I find Ebay really tedious for listing items so Depop wins hands down. Even if you’re not selling items the functionality of the app is freaking sweet.


You earn a buck
If you’re selling on items you’re bound to earn a buck and then you can put that towards some ace new items you’re going to love even more… OR save it for that designer piece you’ve been eyeing up. It’s a good way to earn some pocket money anyway!


You can check out my profile here – make sure to come say hi and if you are interested in anything let me know because I’m open to offers and combined shipping xx



Do you use Depop?


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    I love using Depop! I definitely want to start selling stuff on there too :) But I’ve got to say, the Depop community in Australia is a lot nicer than the one over here in the UK (got scammed with a PayPal F+F purchase recently), and you get much better deals too.

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      Oh no! That’s rough. We’re lucky the community is smaller here so I guess with that there isn’t much room for people to be assholes.

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