It’s not often I get excited about shoes. Okay that’s a lie. I ALWAYS get excited by shoes but there isn’t many that I can actually afford to buy. Last winter I wore my boots to death so I was in the market for a new pair (or two). I initially was looking for another pair of black cut-outs because I was so in love with my last pair (I still haven’t got rid of them) but instead stumbled across these whilst, in complete contrast, my best friend was buying a pair of hot pink sparkling stilettos (for her 21st, of course).
I really like how the platform shoe is super chunky, more so then other pairs that I’d come across. I don’t need the extra height but I’ll take it. Plus it elongates my legs SO freaking much! The platform makes the shoe incredibly comfy to wear which is exactly what I want, I don’t have time for shoes that are uncomfortable.
These aren’t going to be everyone’s cup-of-tea but I appreciate the edgy vibe it adds to any outfit and they transition well into the evening. Initially these did rub a little on my ankle so I suggest wearing longer socks to protect the skin for the first few wears. Now they’re completely fine and these are easily my most favourite purchase I’ve made in a long time.
Some of you my follow me on social media and saw that I had a problem with the boots, one split in half after a few wears. I got in contact with Betts and the customer service has been really great. They’re willing to replace the boots which I’m really impressed with and so glad because I adore these. I’m still waiting to receive the replacement pair but I’ll be sure to update you all if anything changes.
Available from Betts RRP $109.99 here
What are your favourite pair of shoes at the moment?

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    Love boots. I could live in boots, these look great but not the best for my short arsed legs I need heels. I have so many shoes that I really couldn’t pick one favourite pair but have been really digging my grungy type or countryish boots lately. I actually found a pair of platform soled knee high 70’s lace ups in my closet the other day that just need a good cleanup and could be great with the right outfit, they’ve got to be a good 15yrs old!

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    I love boots! These look super cute! I really want a pair of Dr. Martens. Haven’t had those since 5th grade, but I’ll wear them to death if I get my hands on them.

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    Cute boots, I imagine they would go well with ANYTHING from skirts/dresses/pants :D I did see your post on Instagram about one of them cracking in the sole, but I’m glad that Betts customer service responded positively. I work in a shoe store too, and if a customer came in with a recently bought pair of shoes with faulty soles we would definitely replace them.

    I also got a new pair of boots for winter too, but in brown :) I included a photo with my post here hehe

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    I remember I picked up a pair of Betts boots a few years ago, they’re still some of my favourites :) Glad that customer service agreed to send you a replacement pair!

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