There are so many amazing content creators circling around the inter webs and we love checking out what our fellow bloggers are doing. This is a round up of all our favourite posts from the past week or so that are worth checking out.

1. Luce from Skeeter and Scout teamed up with Olympus creating an awesome guide on ‘Taking The Perfect Selfie’. Not only does it include advice from some of my favourite fellow bloggers, Lucy has the most engaging, hilarious writing style that I know you’ll all love!

2. At this time of year budgeting can be hard or just non-existent, although it’s a little too close to Christmas to be effectively applied this article from The Nectar Collective is one too bookmark for the future. Melyssa talks you through some killer tips to saving money over the holiday period.

3. My girl Michelle from Beauty Life Michelle has created an awesome guide to Multipurpose Beauty Products. If you’re a sucker for anything with more then one post this one is for you!

4. I know around this time of year alot of people are moving around rentals or into their own homes and neighbours can be shitty. Catherine has written an awesome post about ‘Dealing With Nightmare Neighbours‘ I wish I had read it a year ago because it’s super helpful!

5. You’ll recognise Ange from here on MTA as she’s one of our team members however over on her personal blog she’s posted the most amazing ‘Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough‘ recipe. It’ll leave you drooling and/or running to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients.

6. Grace from No-21 Blog has spoken about Copyright & Plagiarism which is so important to be educated on if you’re a content creator. Now-days it can land you in alot of trouble but most of all, fellow creatives can (understandably) be very hurt when there is no credit provided.

We would love to read your favourite post of your own or another persons! Leave them in the comments below :)

*image credit, each photo was taken from the respective blog posts spoken about

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