Weekends are meant to be fun but they’re not so fun when you’re trying to save or just don’t have the funds to send up big on weekend activities. You can still have fun weekend with these suggestions!
Do an at home spa treatments
Whether you do this alone or with friends have an evening do your nails with your favourite colour, face masks and relax! This is one of my personal faves when funds are low (or just all the time because I hate clubbing).

Clean out & shop your wardrobe
Instead of going out and buying new additions go through your existing collection of clothes, toss anything you’re not feeling anymore and pull out those bits hiding in the back. Try things on, create new outfit combinations and then create a list of things that are missing for your next shopping trip – trust me it’s fun!


Explore your local area
We do this alot and we’ve found so many awesome walking/running tracks because of it!

Research & plan your next getaway
If you’re bummed because you’re spending the weekend at home then researching and planning your next adventure is the perfect pick me up!

Binge read a book or your favourite magazine (or blog!)
There is nothing like catching up on your favourites. Would love to hear your current book read, fave magazine and blog down below in the comments.

Pull out the board games and have some fun with friends and family
Seriously game nights are some of my favourite nights! They’re so fun.

Take a drive to your favourite park & have a picnic
Another great way to find a new spot to hang out – try somewhere new.

Make a new playlist
It’ll get you pumped for the week ahead.

Start (and finish) a new DIY
Maybe you’ve been meaning to paint something or hang up some new art? Accoplishing small things like that will be so worth it!

Go through a cookbook and try something new
Ah such a good one! If you’re like me and own a fair few cookbooks sifting through and marking some new recipes to try is a must.


What are your favourite things to do on the weekend?


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