It’s safe to say that with the colder weather quickly approaching the next few months will be spent indoors under a warm blanket all rugged up. With a whole heap of TV shows available online and at the ready… get comfy as we have a long list of shows worth binge watching!

Pretty Little Liars
If you haven’t heard of or watched Pretty Little Liars by now I commend you. It is seriously addicting. Most people say you have to get past the first season to really get into it. The show is nearing it’s Season 5 Finale so a break seems like a great time to catch up! If you’re looking for a whole lot of drama and killer (outfits) look no further than PLL.

Gossip Girl
Along similar lines to Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl also includes drama, in a much more upper class, socialite kind of way. The show features the dream location of New York City. Definitely a series I will have to start watching myself, as yes I am yet to watch an episode… however it won’t be long before I will be asking myself what would Blair Waldorf Do?

The Carrie Diaries
Before there was Sex, before there was the City, there was just Carrie. Carrie Bradshaw. This show surrounds the life of Carrie in her high school years. Before there was Mr. Big, Manhattan and a column in the New York Star. However there is the extremely attractive Sebastian Kydd , the small town of Castlebury and Interview Magazine.

Sex and The City
Fast forward from the prequel series and you have Carrie as a writer in New York writing a column about sex and love with her very own Mr. Big and her three best girlfriends. Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. The show is extremely well known and perfect for a rainy night in with your best friends.

A show that is worth binge watching again and again. Friends is a classic TV show that you can never get enough of. It follows the up’s and down’s of the Friends we’ve grown to love; Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

Gilmore Girls
My own personal favourite, I can’t even count the amount of times I have marathoned this one. Following the life of Lorelai and her daughter Rory, Best Friends first, Mother and Daughter second. This show makes me want to live in a small town like Stars Hollow, makes me want to drink an endless amount of coffee and most of all it is perfect to watch on a cold day in with your mum.

Hart Of Dixie
For those of you with an interest in the southern side of things look no further than Hart Of Dixie, centred around a small town in Alabama, Zoe inherits half of a doctors practice from a stranger, however there is always more to the story. This show includes a few twists and a whole lot of good looking townsfolk.

What TV shows do you like marathon watching?

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  1. 1

    I really want to start watching the Carrie diaries. But friends is the best tv show ever, Im pretty sure I’ve watched it back to back countless times already, but I can never watch the last episode without tearing up a bit!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    • 2

      The Carrie Diaries is such a good show, it really links well to Sex and The City, I am in the middle of watching all of the Friends episodes as I got the box set for Christmas and I’ve never seen the last episode but will probably need the box of tissues with me! xx

  2. 3
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    One Tree Hill I’ve marathon watched when I was in high school. I saw the early morning hours way too many times haha. I wasn’t a fan of The OC then. Gossip Girl is another great one. I really really want to start PLL!!! Maybe in the school holidays??

    • 8

      One Tree Hill is another one I need to get into, so many of my friends love it and I haven’t seen any of it! Yes definitely start watching PLL over the holidays you will get hooked! Be careful of the spoilers online as the final is next week!

  5. 9

    I’ve seen every episode of all of these shows hahaha :) Gilmore Girls and Friends are my all time favourites and I’ve seen every ep at least 20 times!

    Great picks xx

  6. 11

    Marathons I’ve Done: Modern Family, Selfie (Modern My Fair Lady), Underemployed and Forever, oh and How to Get Away with Murder. PLLs is an interesting one, it’s nothing like the book (after a certain point) and the speed is interesting. I saw the first episode of Gossip Girl but wasn’t really into it sadly.

    • 12

      Modern Family is another great one! Yeah PLL is definitely a favourite of mine and it is different to the books but I loved them too. Yeah I think I have to give Gossip Girl a go soon xx

  7. 13
    • 14

      Yeah I have heard a few people say that they can’t get past the first season, I have watched it for so long, I guess I am too addicted to it haha xx

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