Designer perfumes are great too treat yourself every once and a while buttttt if you enjoy flirting around all different kinds of smells like me that can get expensive. Here are some fantastic affordable alternatives.

Katy Perry Spring Reign Eau De Parfum 
I’ll be honest this isn’t my absolute favourite scent but it’s new on the market and I can definitely see it’s appeal. It’s very floral with freesia, gardenia and blackcurrant. It’s girly, fresh and floral. I think it’d make a lovely gift for a younger teen or perhaps if you don’t like overpowering scents but still want something to spritz on.

Lady Gaga Fame
Usually I’m a floral/woodsy girl but this sweet honey scent won me over at first sniff. It smells very vanilla like, despite having no notes of vanilla, but is well-balanced with woodsy undertones and the slight sharpness from the apricot. This is a great one to get in your handbag if you don’t want to carry around your more expensive perfumes as it layers really well!

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid 
I completely loved Beyonce Heat Rush when I had it a few years ago so when this released late last year I was excited. It’s very different to Heat but it smells incredible. Coconut is the main scent I pick up with some notes of berries and a slight woodsy undertone. It’s easily one of the best celebrity fragrances out there.

Beckham Beckham Signature Women Scent
If you know me in person for a long time then you would know this is easily my signature scent. It’s the first perfume I ever received was a gift and not ashamed to say I’m onto my second bottle of it. This does have patchouli in the mix of star anise and orchid but it’s not overpowering at all. A definite must try!

Flora Remedia Scents (calm + uplifting) 
The brand Flora Remedia is a new brand to me that is Australian owned and made so I’m so happy I got too try. They are created with only natural, organic ingredients and are more of an aromatherapy experience as each scent is designed to make you feel a certain way. I have two full size perfumes and two small roller balls which are my favourite because you can chuck them into your handbag easily. Calm is a scent I think everyone would enjoy it’s very fresh floral but it also has a really nice muskyness too it. As for the Uplifting scent it’s the opposite – warm and spicy but not overpowering at all!

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What are your favourite affordable perfumes? Are you a guilty lover of celebrity fragrances too?

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  1. 1

    I loved this post! I too also received the David Beckham perfume as a gift and I am keen to try the new Katy Perry fragrance, I would have to say that my favourite celebrity fragrances are Taylor Swift’s though haha no surprises there! xx

    Bethany | littlewhitelane.blogspot.com

    • 2

      Oh how funny is that! I absolutely love it even… Almost 6 years later lol! I actually really liked the Wonderstruct one by TS and I don’t really love her (soz)… I’m pretty sure my Mum wears it sometimes! Her perfume collection is almost bigger then mine :|

      • 3

        Wonderstruck is such a lovely scent but it is the only Taylor one that doesn’t last on my skin :( Her newest scents are a lot more grown up and are stronger scents but I love them all so much haha! I love how you said soz, it made me laugh! x

  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8

    I love how Beyonce’s fragrances are classy like here, while a lot of celebs scents are questionable. :P Her Heat is the only celeb one I’ve tried, and I love it! Perfect for date night!

    • 9

      For sure I know exactly what you mean! Heat is incredible – I’m waiting to finish up a few perfumes so I can repurchase :P

  5. 10
  6. 12

    Yep, I’m guilty of loving celeb fragrances. I love almost all the Fantasies by Britney Spears haha but only own one of them. I also have NYC by SJP and Heiress by Paris Hilton haha

    • 13

      Haha how funny. I feel like it’s almost a guilty pleasure liking celeb perfumes :P Oooo I love the SJP perfume! My bestie and Mum both wear it so every time I sniff I’m like AWWWW

  7. 14
  8. 16
    • 17

      Haha! I always think I’ve commented when I haven’t :P

      Ah so glad there is a fellow Beckham lover! I’ve been wearing everyday lately hehe. x

  9. 18

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