Finding a good quality face mask can be really difficult if you’re on a budget but we’ve been testing out some relatively affordable face masks that work. Here are our top picks.

Milk Rejuvenating Masque
Think of this as your mid-week when-the-hell-is-it-Friday mask that’ll perk up your skin and give you a glow. It’s an easy one to apply and remove so it’s not one of those ones that makes it feel like a hassle or a chore. Best thing? It’s jam packed full of awesome ingredients like fruit extracts, vitamin E, green tea, aloe vera and rose hip oil that’ll leave your face feeling rehydrated and smooth.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
If you suffer from regular breakouts or just want something that’ll soothe your skin rather then draw out impurities like other face masks for blemished skin this one if for you. The Tea Tree Face Mask is something I always turn too when my skin is giving me grief. It does contain a small amount of kaolin clay so it will absorb excess oil but it doesn’t set up on the skin like a rock. It really just helps even out oils, soothe any sore areas and take down redness. An absolute must-have!

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
These are a really great one for the summer months because you can keep them in the fridge and apply them when you’re super hot or sunburnt (wearing one right now on my poor sunburnt mug). These are amazing at rehydrating the skin and giving it a plump I’m-super-healthy appearance. They do require you to sit still so best to do them whilst scrolling through your bloglovin’ feed.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Enzyme Mask
You’ve probably heard me talk about the other version of this but Palmer’s have released some a new line of products that don’t have any parabens, dyes or phthalates (yay!). This is a kaolin clay based mask that does wonders at drawing out all those annoying impurities without being to harsh or hard to remove. It has a really awesome cooling effect on the skin which is again, amazing in the summer months.

Racinne Gentle Refining Scrub Mask
Want skin that is super smooth like a babies bum? Will this is a good one too try. It’s a mask and scrub all-in-one which is a little bit weird at first. You pretty much apply it all over the face and then give yourself a really drawn out facial massage for about 5 minutes. You leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse. Although when you’re doing it feels like a waste of time the results are amazing! Your skin feels super refreshed, smooth but it doesn’t leave your skin raw or sore like some other more affordable manual exfoliators can. Avoid this one when you’re breaking out though because it may cause more harm then good if used when you have active spots.

What are your favourite facial masks that are budget-friendly?

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    I absolutely love The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask! The Palmer’s mask sounds amazing, might have to try that out :)


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    Thanks for the recommendations! I have been on the hunt for a budget mask for ages now and never knew what worked!! I think I might check out that Tea Tree Mask from The Body Shop! xx

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    The Body Shop mask sounds great, I always get scared of those acne-targeted masks that ‘draw out impurities’ but basically cause more breakouts. I prefer ones that soothe active breakouts :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  10. 10

    I love the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Masks and have heard great things about the Milk and Co brand so I think I definitely need to give their mask a go! I also really loved the Lonvitalite Coconut C4 masks, slightly more expensive but worth it!

  11. 11

    I love the Body Shop Tea Tree Mask, especially around that time of the month. Haven’t had the chance to try anything else though. Added to the list!!!

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