Shanghai Suzy is easily one of my favourite Australian brands. The lipstick only brand releases on trend colours twice yearly and ever since launching I’ve been impressed. Budget-friendly, high quality and on trend colours – what more could you want?

In the past each collection has consisted of 8 lip colours of either ‘matte’ or ‘nourish’ formula but for this season the ‘shimmer’ finish has joined the ranks. This did intimate me at first but more on that later. For a matte formula you can expect a matte finish that is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and long-lasting. A lipstick with the nourish formula will be hydrating on the lips with a glossy finish and predictably not as long lasting but still wears evenly. As for the new shimmer formulation you will still get a fair amount of pigmentation with shimmer particles throughout. Each lipstick has a signature Shanghai Suzy bubblegum scent.

shanghai-suzy-aw15-7Miss Tanielle Desert Rose, Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum, Miss Sanja Fuchsia, Miss Nina Sparkling Coral, Miss Victorine Classic Red, Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino Miss Cassandra Peony, Mrs French Winter Maroon.

Miss Tanielle Desert Rose: I knew there was going to be one of these colours included this season and I’m so in love with it! The tone is absolutely perfect for me and the matte finish is beautiful. I already feel like buying 10 of these as back ups…. Not kidding.

Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum: this is one of the two lipsticks that has the new shimmer formulation. This gives your lips a real bitten appearance which is perfect for the cooler months. It is sheer when first applied but once building it up a little you get a really gorgeous glossy finish. I think the shimmer throughout is noticeable but works well and isn’t crazy in-your-face.

Miss Sanja Fuchsia: a matte formulation which is actually a repromote from an older collection. Regardless it’s a gorgeous vibrant pink that I think would work for alot of people.

Miss Nina Sparkling Coral: an interesting colour for a winter collection and also the fellow shimmer formulation in the collection. I feel as though the shimmer is more evident on the lips throughout this coral shade because it’s more pigmented. In saying that I do think it’s gorgeous BUT you really really need to make sure your lips are prepped properly for this one. As you can see in the above picture my lips are slightly dry therefore it makes the lipstick look chunky when it’s actually just the texture of my lips. It is a daring shade for me but one I’m excited to wear.

Miss Victorine Classic Red: Shanghai Suzy have always done reds really well and this is just another classic shade. A matte formulation means it’s going to last well throughout the night I adore the simplicity of this colour.

Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino:another matte finish but one I’m going to have to play around with and find out how to wear it so it suits me. It’s a gorgeous lighter nude but when heavily applied on my skin tone it does wash me out. I think a darker liner underneath will do the trick but I’ll keep you posted on how I go with this one.

Miss Cassandra Peony: as I type this I’m currently wearing this shade and I LOVE it. It’s a gorgeous mid-tone, mauve pink that’s just perfect for everyday. The nourish formulation makes it comfortable and I cannot say enough good things about this shade!

Mrs French Winter Maroon: ah now this is my kind of shade. It’s dark, matte and makes your teeth look extra white – win! It’s just that classic, deep, sexy lip colour that I feel most confident in so I’m happy to add this to my collection.


As usual overall Jo and the Shanghai Suzy team have nailed the latest collection. There are a few classic shades and a few daring ones too which is exactly what I love about each release. My favourites are definitely Miss Kat, Miss Cassandra and Miss Veronica but I do really love and recommend them all. If you haven’t tried Shanghai Suzy you absolutely MUST!!

Available from Rouche Boutique for $12.95 each here

Have you tried Shanghai Suzy lipsticks?

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      I think a few people have been so I tried to get it up as quickly as possible! Let me know what shades you end up with Carmen :) xx

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      I’m definitely not sure about the shimmery coral but I think it’d look alot better with prepped lips like I said. I really do love the shimmery plum though :)

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    Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino is stunning!!! I can’t believe I haven’t tried Shanghai Suzy lipsticks yet!

    Daniela |

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    I still haven’t tried Shanghai Suzy lippies! The colours looks great and they are so cheap. Keep forgetting about them though!

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