Sometimes I do feel like splashing out on that over-hyped, over-priced, beautifully packaged high end product that everyone is talking about. Sometimes. But most of the time, I just can’t justify the cost. This is where finding that perfect drugstore dupe comes in super handy, and I have some top tips on how to find these cost saving alternatives.

One thing to remember before popping through these points is that sometimes these drugstore alternatives beat their high end counterparts. But just as often, it can be worth spending that little bit more. It really does just depend on the quality. Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to have purchased the high end product to be able to say the lower end product is a dupe. Test it sure, but compare what you have against online images, samples and reviews. If you think it’s a dupe, and you’re satisfied with it, then that’s what matters.

Now let’s move onto the hints and tips…


Tip One: Use the Blogging Community
As beauty bloggers it’s our “job” to test out so many different products, so my first port of all is always to go straight to the beauty blogging community. Tweet around, does anyone know a good dupe for X, Y and Z? Chances are, someone will know of something. I’ve personally never used the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Crayons, however I read through a couple of trusted blogs that the Boots No7 Shade & Define Eyeshadow Crayons are exact dupes. I went and purchased these, and you know what, they are. I’ve texted By Terry one’s in the store, and the initial swatching of both products is identical in quality.


Tip Two: Who Owns What?
It may surprise you how many beauty brands are owned by the same corporation, and more specifically what brands they own. I always take a look at this when I start thinking about looking for a dupe. Who owns the brand of the product I want a dupe for, and what other brands do they own? If they own a more purse friendly brand, do they have a similar product in their range. Chances are, yes they do. Let’s take a look at an example. YSL Glossy Stains were widely hyped for a really long time, a product that had the shine of a gloss but the formula of a stain? Sign everyone up. You want a dupe for this? No problem. YSL are owned by L’Oreal, who obviously have their own self named budget beauty brand. Within this beauty brand you have the L’Oreal Caresse Aqua Lacques – basically an identical product. And why? Because it’s made by the same company.


Tip Three:
Not going to lie, I do love this website a little bit. Is it cheating? Hell no. Why do something yourself when ultimately someone else has done the leg work for you. I’m lazy, I know. This is more predominately a US based website, however it does give some really good suggestions. For example, type in the top “Urban Decay Naked” and then choose the original Naked palette. It comes up with 7 dupes, all reviewed and rated for the most identical to the high end product, including prices and links to purchase occasionally as well. It doesn’t have everything, of course it doesn’t, but this is then where the first two tips come in.


Of course, these tips aren’t 100% effective and they aren’t going to be right every single time. But that’s where the fun of trialing products comes in don’t you think? Also, sometimes you just stumble across a dupe by accident. This happens more often than not to be honest… I’ve found a Benefit Hoola dupe, and a Clinique Chubby Stick dupe this way. But if you’re specifically hunting out a cost saving alternative, give the tips a go and you may just be surprised.

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Have you found any amazing dupes we need to know about?


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    I’m guilty of buying high end things just for the name :P But yes, the drugstore has been ON POINT lately with so many good quality products, some even equivalent to high end.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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