In your 20’s there are so many transitions in your life. I thought I’d compile a little list of the things to remember in your 20’s.


1.Complaining will never get you anywhere. Learn to cope, change your perspective or work your ass off to change the situation.


2.Health is important and not something to take for granted. Look after yourself – your body, hair, skin and mind.


3.Even if you’ve got a university degree you’ll still have to hustle to find a job – and your dream job you like at that. Hard work is good. Hustle. Hustle hard.


4.But remember, your job does not to define you. Neither does how much you earn. Make sure you’re happy.


5.People are assholes and they’re assholes for a reason. There is always a reason.


6.Embrace change and accept that sometimes it is 100% necessary.


7.There is an expiry date for blaming the past. Let go of ‘what could have been’.


8.You’ll probably change your mind and opinion about certain things. You can’t feel guilty about wanting a different path whether it’s in terms of your relationship or career wise. Do what’s best for you.


9.Your body is going to change. You’re not always going to look like you did when you were 17 – nobody does.


10.There will probably be a few heartbreaks but have fun. Sex should always be fun.


11.And when you do find a great guy/girl – relationships take work and they are hard. Nobody is perfect and neither is every relationship.


12.Your parents are actually pretty cool.


13.Listen to what people have to say, even if you disagree. Especially if you don’t agree.


14.Failure is an opportunity to improve, learn and kick butt next time.


15.You will be lonely sometimes. Build self awareness, trust and learn to love spending time with yourself.


16.There will be alot of time in your 20’s where you’re broke. Learn how to be broke because when you do earn more it’ll make you cherish it.


17.Not everyone will like you. Don’t waste time trying to get approval from those people.


18.And not everything will be like you wanted it too be. Don’t waste time trying to reach for ‘perfection’.


19.Life is messy. Love every second of it.


What are some things you think are important to remember in your 20’s?


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    I like what you said about not waiting for approval from others. I think you just get to a point where if someone doesn’t like you, that’s really their problem and not yours you know? I feel like all you can do is be your genuine self and go from there.


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    Awesome post!! Ahhh so many life lessons in your 20s. I would add for myself – learn more about finances/money. Should have been putting more into the mortgage from the start! Lol

    xo Kat @ Katness

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