Anyone with a decent amount of length to their locks will know that feeling of needing a change but being unsure about going for the chop.. After all it takes a fair while to grow that length! Well just before Christmas I took the plunge and I’m so happy I did.


Just for clarification I don’t have a bob now. My hair resides just below my collarbone and doesn’t sit on my boobs (as requested) meaning it no long does that weird flick when drying naturally. I’ve been growing my hair since high school and only had a decent amount cut off earlier this year due to my laziness when it comes to regular cuts and treatments. That gave me a taste for how easy shorter hair can be to manage and I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to go the chop. Like many of you (I’m guessing) there is that voice inside your head that says keep growing it because you’ve been growing it for so long but then another part of you craves shorter hair. The grasser is always greener isn’t it?


My hairdresser is the magician Shannyn at Honey.Eater in Bendigo who I 100% recommend to anyone looking for a new hairdresser and especially if you’re a blondie. I always walk in with no clue what I’m doing however on this particular trip I knew it was time because I didn’t feel any anxiety towards going the chop. We cut some off and then Shan asked if that was enough to which I replied ‘maybe a little bit more’ – why not right? So now I’m left with mid-length hair that I can just pop on the top of my head and I love it. Oh AND it’s the first time I’ve ever left my roots their natural colour too… Crazy huh? My hair now feels fresh and full of life!


I thought that I would regret it instantly but I don’t one bit. In fact, I’m more disappointed I didn’t do it sooner. Do I miss my short hair? Yes and no. My hair is alot fresher, healthier and manageable but of course I do miss getting out that curling iron and creating beachy hair goodness. At the end of the day your hair does grow back and you’ll be surprised how much it changes you!


Have you gone the chop? How did you feel after?


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    I have long hair and it’s in desperate need of a good trim, though I don’t know how much I want to take off (aside from the usual amount to make it healthier). Sometimes with long hair you just have those moods where you want to chop it all off, but then other times I love my long hair so…double edged sword! I guess it just suits your mood, one day I’ll probably go for the chop ;)


  2. 3

    I’m with you on this – I just chopped off 6 inches right before Christmas and could not feel more free! I think it’s important to mix it up with your looks, and hair can always grow back – be experimental! I’m having fun with the beachy waves and my hair is a lot less to maintain now!

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  3. 5

    Looks great Sarah! I remember seeing Lily’s post (Lili, Not Louise) about her super chop and I loved it! Funny I say that as I cannot imagine myself with even collarbone length hair is it takes me back to high school day. I got my hair cut yesterday from waist to ontheboob and it feels soooo healthy now!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  4. 7

    So pretty! Also, styling shorter hair is another fun part, you have new-found body, volume and shape so the hair responds differently to curls, waves and product. It will hold shape better and for longer… Ohh, the possibilities and styles!

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