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If you read my ‘The Weekly Notes’ series a little while ago I spoke about how a goal of mine is to drink more water everyday and how it was a huge struggle for me. Fast forward almost six months later and I’ve successfully incorporated 2L most days during work hours which is a huge win. Here are some tips on how to achieve that realistically for yourself.


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Incorporate it into your existing routines
When you’re trying to adapt your lifestyle to achieve goals like drinking more water it’s important to do it in a comfy and natural way. When I go into the office I always set up my glasses, clean my desk and then write a list for the day now I also make sure my carafe is full with a fresh glass of water there as well so I’m ready to go. If you’re someone who always runs late in the mornings maybe pre-washing and pre-filling the evening before could help adapting it into your morning routine. Don’t make it a chore for yourself because otherwise the habit won’t stick!


Invest in something you like the look and feel of
This sounds absolutely ridiculous but I don’t like drinking out of bottles, don’t even get me started on cans, so it was hard for me trying to achieve the 2L intake mark because I was previously drinking out of glass and constantly having to go and refill it. The BRITA fill & serve water filter carafe has killed two birds with one stone because I love the aesthetics of the bottle and how it looks on my desk but it also means I can drink out of a glass without running back and forth to refill from the kitchen. It blends seamlessly into my desk set up and just looks sexy… Is that weird I describe it as sexy? It’s just so sleek and stylish that I feel like I belong in Harvey Spector’s office from Suits… I wish.


Infuse it with delicious fruit
I know some people find water boring so pop some sliced lemon into your glass and make it fun! Cucumber, mint and lime is another yummy combo. Try to do this in place of those sugary cokes and other drinks you may have during the day because although they’re a liquid they’re so not doing anything beneficial for your body or mind!


Opt for filtered water
The BRITA fill & serve water filter carafe has MicroDisc technology, a built- in activated carbon filter, that reduces chlorine and other nasties that make water taste gross. I know at my other workplace it’s not the best tasting water so in the past I rarely drank water because of the taste. The BRITA water filter carafe eliminates that excuse and encourages me to drink more water because it tastes fresh and clean.


Use a straw
Sounds simple but this helped me so much in the beginning because I love drinking out of straws. If it’s a simple trick that’ll have you drinking more water then why not?
Opt for a bigger bottle or carafe
The BRITA fill & serve water filter carafe is huge meaning I only refill it once or twice a day depending if I’ve worked out (always drink more if you’re working out) so it takes the hassle out of having a tiny bottle and always running to refill it. PLUS it’s so much more sustainable and cost-effective then buying a plastic bottle of water everyday. Something that’s low maintenance like the BRITA water filter carafe will definitely increase the likelihood of you staying on track and hydrated!


Hopefully the tips have been helpful I’ll wait for a thank you from you and your skin later this month… Seriously guys my skin is looking ACE since I’ve been drinking so much more water!


For more information you can visit the BRITA website or if you’d like to read more about the BRITA fill&serve water filter carafe click here


Do you drink enough water during the day? Have you tried the BRITA water filter carafe?



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    Seeing this post reminded me to grab a bottle of water from out of the fridge, funnily enough! I’ve got a BRITA water filter jug & it’s ace, but I might look at getting the carafe at some stage. I had one of their water bottles once, but I found it too fiddly. I do try & drink enough water during the day (generally I’ll drink about 1-1.5L), but by the evening sometimes I am craving something sugary to drink. It’s terrible, I know; but I like to think for the most part I’m virtuous. Sugar unfortunately is my weakness, but I try not to overdo it.

    Shell // thenovicelife.blogspot.com.au

    • 2

      I feel like when it comes to food/health we are so hard on ourselves! You sound like you’re doing so well – drinking that much is a great start :D

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