THE WEEKLY NOTES #26 home DIY’s & gym update

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This week was another short week for us in the office meaning I was under alot of pressure to get shit done and sign off for our holiday over Easter.

It’s funny how making small changes to your living space can make such a difference. This week we made a wire board for our polaroid pictures to be displayed on (side note I’m SUPER into polaroid pictures at the moment) and it’s made me so bloody happy. It’s simply but has made me feel so much more at home. In rental homes it can be difficult to create a warm home that you feel is yours with all the restrictions around decorating and it’s something I’ve struggled with for the last few years. Now when we do simple things like putting up a DIY photo board it makes me SO happy.


I’ve now started going to the gym regularly and all I can say to anyone who, like me, felt scared and worried about going to the gym – just do it! It’s not scary and although you’ll feel out of place for the first little while it’s amazing how it becomes part of your routine. The gym I go to have set me up with a strength and cardio program which I’ve been really grateful for because I’m such a newb. Don’t be scared to join or go and if you need help then just ask. The staff (in my experience) are so lovely and helpful.

That’s about all. I do have loads of clothing and make up I’ll be selling in a blog sale soon but I didn’t want to put another task on my plate before my holiday. Next week I’ll let you know about that… And maybe show you my first ever tattoo too :P


What have you been up to this week? Anything exciting?



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    A wire photo board is sooooo smart! I’ve been trying to think of how to integrate some photos into my room and this post came at the perfect time haha! I used to have a magnetic grey board from ikea which I used in my old house but it doesn’t really fit in my new one so yes, perfect timing!!! I really want to get a Polaroid camera now too… thanks Sarah hahaha x

    Katina |

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