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In today’s society self confidence and feeling confident is all linked with your weight. There is this enormous pressure from the media, friends and ourselves to feel validated by the number on the scale. Recently I did something so small that really changed the way I see myself and it didn’t involve losing even a gram of weight.


In the past two months I’ve been slowly getting into the groove of going to the gym. Let’s just saying getting engaged gave me the biggest kick in the butt to get myself in shape for no other reason than I want to look and more so FEEL super hot on our big day. Alot of people have rolled their eyes at that but I don’t apologize for being motivated by that. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘oh you started going to the gym and you’ve lost a little weight, good for you’ but I can honestly say I haven’t lost any weight yet. Naturally I yo-yo in-between 70-74kg depending on what time of the month it is and alot that jazz which on the scales is still very true. Even when I had the first meeting at the gym I told my trainer the goal isn’t too lose weight it’s to feel fitter and amazing.

Now you’re all wondering what it is that I’ve done that has helped my find a whole lotta confident right?

I started wearing the correct size. 

For the longest time I’ve struggled with perceiving myself as larger than what I actually am. I’ve been a size 10 wearing size 12-14 clothes (not that that’s a bad thing!). Only a month ago I was refreshing my wardrobe getting ready for the winter months. When placing orders online I have always went the biggest size I can… Until I realised that nothing was looking quite right and that maybe.. Just maybe I wasn’t compensating for weight that wasn’t there.

Because I started to feel better about myself due to being more active I started seeing myself how I actually am.

Now looking back the reason I was wearing oversized bigger clothes is because I wasn’t happy with how I looked. It’s a little deep but I just didn’t have anything positive to say about my body and it’s been like that for years. It was never obvious until I look back on it. I wasn’t vocally bashing myself and I never actively thought that I wasn’t happy. It was all happening subconsciously and until I made a change I never knew. I haven’t lost any weight but I started moving my body and all of sudden I feel better about myself so I wanted to look better. 

It feels weird to be typing this all out and it’ll feel even weirder when this goes up but I wanted to open up the conversation. As women we are constantly told we should look a certain way and be a certain size dependent on stupid things like our age. Fuck all that. If you’re like me and feeling not so confident because you have some beef about your bod make a change.

When it all boils down it’a not about how you look it’s about how you feel about how you look.

For me the anti-gym mindset is gone and now I see why all the gym bunnies love it. It’s not about physical appearance or losing weight it really is about how it makes you feel – all that is just an added bonus.


Have you ever changed something so small and it changed your confidence?



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  1. 1

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all what your weight is. I have gotten crap my whole life from people telling me I was too skinny. I stressed out a lot thinking there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t gain weight. People literally tell me, you would be perfect, if only you gained a few kilos.Yeah…believe it or not people have actually said that to my face. But thats just not true. There is no such thing as perfect. You look how you look. Every body is different and there is no right or wrong way to look. And your right, its all about feeling good and also being comfortable with who you are.

    Melanie Sylvia

    • 2

      That’s awful Mel. It’s always angers me when people feel as though they have the right to comment on other peoples body weight/shape!

  2. 3

    For me my body image woes turned around about 10 years ago, when I looked at myself in a wrap-style dress in a change room & decided that not only did I look pretty decent in it, but I also wasn’t fat at all. After going through my teen years giving myself shit about my pear-shaped body & complaining that I was “fat” to just about everyone, that moment was quite liberating. Sure, I still have moments where I despair over my body shape & the fact that I’ll never look like a supermodel in a bikini (life’s too short not to eat cake), but I feel that they’re few & far between these days. I also truly feel that as you get older you have less hang-ups about yourself in general & you begin a gradual process of settling into your own skin. At least that’s what’s been happening to me in the last few years.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    • 4

      It’s very liberating accepting yourself isn’t it? I’ve definitely noticed a difference in myself the past few years and to be honest it’s pretty fucking cool xx

  3. 5

    This is such a refreshing post, thank you so much Sarah! You are obviously looking incredible and there’s nothing to be ashamed of for wanting to look incredible on your big day (and I’m positive that you will). I’ve become very aware of my weight over the last year or so, especially as I’ve gained a few kilos and my confidence and style is definitely suffering. But you’re right – the perception in the media has a HUGE effect on how people view themselves, simply because if you’re not a size six you feel like you’re not the ‘norm’.

    Ash / The Beauty Collection

    • 6

      No worries Ash! I’m glad it was well received because I was super concerned about it coming off the wrong way. I HATE how the media portrays ‘normal’ it’s so far removed for reality it’s ridiculous.

  4. 7

    You go girl! Looking amazing on your wedding is a good motivation to start thinking about your body. No matter what size someone is, the dress should compliment and enhance their body shape and hence, make them feel and look great.

    Definitely buying clothes that fit and suit your body shape makes a huge difference and I’m glad you are seeing it now =) For me, I love wearing peplum type clothes as it makes me feel good. Also wearing bold colours. (and a booster bra! hahaha!)

    xo Kat @ Katness

    • 8

      You nailed that top paragraph Kat! I cannot wait to find a dress that I’m absolutely in love with and cannot wait to wear. I’m going in August on a trip especially to see a brand so I’m pretty excited about that.

      Oh my gosh you sound EXACTLY like one of my besties… Booster bras and bold colours all the way :P

  5. 9

    I relate to this post so much it’s absurd. I joined a gym last November because I wanted to feel healthier and like I was taking care of my body. At around the same time, I switched out my wardrobe and starting shopping for things that actually flattered the shape and size I am and not the one I used to be. And it’s hard to talk about health and weight issues because it feels like only shallow women worry about that and I’m supposed to be ‘more independent than that’. I don’t even know if that mentality makes sense but basically: thank you very much for sharing this post even if you felt weird doing it.

    xx Julia

    • 10

      YESS! I was really self-conscious about this post because I didn’t want it come off as shallow or be taken that way :)

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