THE WEEKLY NOTES #31 sick family, copy-cats & a huge thank you

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Over last weekend my poor little sister ended up in hospital which threw my family for a six. Luckily she’s getting better and is now home but it’s things like that that make you appreciate your family so much more. We had a trip planned away which we cancelled and my Mum was stressed about it… As lovely as that was I would’ve never have felt comfortable living her back home without help or support. I’m so happy everything turned out okay and that Charli will recover in time but it wasn’t nice seeing her is so much pain. Hence why last week uploads were a little sparse!


I’ve had a bit of a no-week this week. It all started when the sun didn’t come out Tuesday which is usually a shoot day which meant that my whole weekly routine had to change. Although now it sounds like such a trivial thing to set me off I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. Then I decided to read some blogs to catch up on what’s been happening. It’s important for me to say here the past 3-4 months I haven’t been reading blogs too much because I found I was comparing myself/website to others. It wasn’t healthy for me. Anyway so clicked onto a blog I thoroughly enjoy and it is an upcoming blogger with a smaller audience than MTA – my fave! I was greeted by 3-4 articles on the homepage that had almost the same titles and when I glanced through a couple had the same content changed around slightly. There is a very big difference between inspiration and copying. I try not to make these Sunday posts negative but I feel really hurt by the circumstances. We (Isaac, myself and fellow contributors) work super hard to create authentic content. I’m not naive in knowing that the industry is full of recycled titles for seasons and all that sort of stuff but it just disappointed me.


On the notes of content I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been giving us the greatest feedback on the fashion content we’ve been creating the past month. I know we’ve really been going to town with the fashion stuff however we’ve been really enjoying it. It’s funny because there have been many conversations over dinner about how I could potentially create fashion posts that weren’t just ‘here is what I wore today’ and then one day I just approached it like I do with beauty articles – how would this help the reader and would I click on it? So it’s been a bit of trial and error with the photography side of things and how I want the articles to be set out but your support through the teething issues has been so appreciated. We really do have the best community ever!


What has been happening in your week?


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  1. 1

    All the best to your sister and I hope she makes a speedy recovery! Last week I spent most of it just reevaluating my priorities and setting some personal goals. I was feeling in a bit of a slump but I feel much more on track now!

    • 2

      Thanks Mel! She’ll be on medication for the next 10 months but thankfully she’ll be fine. I’m in overdrive at the moment but I’m going to use our Bali holiday next month for a little goal setting :) x

  2. 3

    Hope your sister gets better soon <3! So annoying about copycats too.. I do my best to try and help people with their content or give tips and stuff, but when people outright copy everything I do that get's really frustrating! It's sad because I want to only HELP, but some people just can't take help, they want 100% imitation *rolls eyes

    Katina Lindaa |

  3. 5

    So sorry to hear about your sister Sarah! But good to hear she’s on the mend. On a more positive note I have to say I really look forward to your weekly notes posts every week! It’s like a little catch up with a friend x

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