Oribe is one of those brands that has been hyped by the media since launching and when I caught wind that it was coming to Australia I was beyond excited. The luxury hair brand is known for it’s incredible, high quality haircare and styling products. The question still remains – is it worth the hype?


The products I were lucky enough to be sent are all haircare products. Now you guys know I don’t mind spending a little bit more on haircare which is a habit I’ve inherited from my Mum. I would rather spend a little bit more on quality products that have good ingredients in them that are really going to nourish my hair. I know a lot of people don’t agree and jaws will drop when seeing these are about $50 a bottle but for me the RRP wasn’t what had me questioning the brand. The shampoo and conditioner duo I have been trying is from the moisture control line because my hair generally is drier and unmanageable but these are next level when it comes to hydrating. The shampoo is thick making it a little hard to distribute and lather up in the hair which is just annoying. The conditioner is great but could do better when it comes to detangling. Scent wise they both smell like a spa and neither leave a residue in the hair or weigh it down. BUT. For me, when paying $50 a bottle I want the product to be perfect and both are minor issues that made me a bit iffy… Neither were products that made me weak at the knees.

I’ve also been trialling the Masque for Beautiful Colour and this is a product I’d definitely repurchase. Although I can’t vouch that this made a huge difference to the longevity of my colour, I’m blonde and I  use various different products to ensure my colour is prolong, it definitely has helped keep my hair in fab condition. I’ve used a tiny bit once a week and the rich formulation just melts into the hair making it so soft, manageable and hydrated. It’s one of those masks you instantly feel a difference with but also see your hair looking better on day two as well.


As for the packaging I find it a little over the top and chunky but I guess that’s a part of luxurious haircare brands. Is it worth the hype? I haven’t decided yet. The mask is top quality and one I just can’t get enough of but the shampoo and conditioner just didn’t work for me as amazingly as I hoped. If I was to buy anything from the range next it would definitely be some of the styling products.


Have you tried anything from Oribe? What were your thoughts?

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    Thanks for this review! I have yet to try any of the Oribe products despite being super to excited to find out they were coming to Australia. A bit disappointing to hear that the S&C don’t really live up to the hype considering their price point :( Might give their masks a try though!

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      The mask is awesome! I’m definitely going to try some of their styling products asap. I’m sure that’s where the awesomeness is at :)

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    Interesting review. The hair masque sounds totally nice, but not sure about the shampoo and conditioner. I find that shampoo/conditions that don’t wow me right from the get go just may not be for me! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

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      Yes! I’m the same. I tried these for two weeks but on first use I knew they wouldn’t be for me… Such a shame! x

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      I am definitely very lucky Lisa! I can see how you and others would like the packaging but for me it was just a little OTT and impractical in size for the shower.

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    I’ve heard amazing things about this brand! I have been getting into styling products recently, and I’d love to try Oribe. Love your honesty, Sarah! xx

    Daniela |

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