I didn’t realise how much of an outwear person I was until I went through my collection and woah. Almost half of my top rack is taken up by outwear but I just love how it can take your look to a whole other level!


Buy to suit your lifestyle
This sounds pretty straight forward but I’m guilty of owning some really formal jackets that don’t really ever see the light of day because I don’t need to look super smart everyday. It’s important to buy pieces that you will get a tonne of wear out of and suit your day to day life. Work in an office? Invest in tailoring. Go to university? Buy a killer leather jacket. You get me. Buy outwear you can wear over and over.


Don’t be afraid to invest
I’m not talking buy an Acne Leather Jacket invest (but if you can afford to SO JEALOUS!) but with outwear I think it’s important to spend that little bit extra. I don’t think I own many pieces that are under $200 and the ones I have spent a little bit more on I wear day in day out. That being said I do own some really affordable pieces like the above Parisian Navy Blazer because it’s a style although I love isn’t one I will wear to death! Like I said before buy to suit your lifestyle and that goes for investing in pieces then look at more affordable options for trend based pieces.


Always try the size up
This doesn’t apply for every single piece out there but it is always worth trying on the size up. It’s important because most of time you’ll be layering pieces and you want to feel snug but not like you’re suffocating! I recently bought a size 10 in my leopard coat and love the way it fits so just be mindful and give it a go before just buying your usual size.


What I’m wearing: Parisian Navy Blazer (size 8, gifted) | Yeezus Tour Tee (size M) | Spank My Love Pants (size 8, runs a tiny bit big so if you’re between sizes go down) | Lack Of Colour Fedora | Mollini Boots (not current)


What are your top tips for buying outwear?

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  1. 1

    Again, I agree on all these tips! For example, I rarely wear blazers anymore (although I went through a real blazer wearing & buying phase circa mid-late 2000’s), but I invested in a leather jacket almost 3 years ago that I’ve worn to death. Ditto to a denim jacket I bought earlier this year – have already worn it so much. Going up a size in outerwear does help, although I’ve gone up 2 sizes sometimes just to give my arms a bit of breathing space. It depends largely on the stretch of the garment & how it contours your body.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. 2

    that blazer looks so much nicer on you in your photos than it does on the sellers website…
    i love it!
    I have had most of my outerwear for YEARS. my most worn is probably my denim jacket that I got for $50! i love it because its like a stretchy denim rather than a stiff denim. And I was recently given a genuine leather jacket which I LOVE. Ive only ever worn imitation leather jackets before and always found them so uncomfortable. I had no idea real leather would be so comfortable. I haven’t bought anything new in a really long time, Id love to get a trench this winter, I was thinking camel, but now I’m kinda thinking navy after seeing this blazer on you.

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