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I don’t think we should ever apologise for feeling flat. It’s one of those things. It happens.  We can’t always feel amazing all of the time. This week has been a little bit tougher then usual for me. We’ve had amazing news, exciting things happening and nothing horrible has happened that would cause me to feel off. But here I am feeling a tiny bit blue. I spoke about it a few weeks ago how I’ve been struggling with my mental health for a little while now and although 90% of the time I’m feeling ace there is an undeniable 10% that is super low. I know it’ll pass and we’ve just been so busy this year however it’s been tough on me. I’m okay but just felt a bit off! If you haven’t noticed I am a feeler. I wouldn’t describe myself as sensitive but I am aware of emotions and I allow myself to feel them. Sometimes it’s a really positive thing because I allow myself to be in the moment, completely present and to feel all them feels but other times it can make my life a little bit tricky! The one thing I never want this space to be is picture perfect because it’s not real. We all struggle from time to time and I want to share that with you guys because it’s okay!


On a lighter note this week I’ve really started thinking about making this place feel more like a home. We moved into our place almost two years ago and honestly we never put any of ‘us’ into the house because we thought we would be here super short term. Then we got engaged and our focus (and funds) went towards the wedding. It’s been a bare bones of a house and because we have a bit of debt we’d like to move before buying into the market I want to make this place feel homely. Realistically we will be here for a few more years so I want it to feel more like us and feel super comfy here. The new wardrobe storage (post on it coming soon) has kicked that off but I’ve been looking around at things to make our lounge more comfy…. Any homeware store or brand suggestions?


There is only half a week left of #MTAeveryday and although it’s been fun churning out 31 posts has been exhausting – plus I’ve been sick the past week and just generally flat out with life. I’m excited to have a bit of a blogging slow down after the month is up!


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What happened this week:
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What have you been up to this week?


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  1. 1

    we can be in the feeling flat club together! Ive been feeling pretty flat myself, not from anything in particular happening but just because. it sucks! but I always think that without ever experiencing negative feelings we could never appreciate how good it feels to experience the positive ones. yin and yang and all that.

    i buy homewares from kmart because im poor lol. but prechild i loved freedom furniture and bed bath and table. There is a shop in daylesford I really like if you ever go there. i dont even no the name of it but its kinda farm house style stuff and across the road theres another shop I LOVE but I don’t know the name of it, a bit more modern and its all environmentally friendly stuff i think. not quite within in my price range anymore but they have gorgeous good quality things. I really love shopping in independant home ware stores where you can find things that not everybody will have.

    • 2

      That’s such a good way to think of it Mel. It’s frustrating because there isn’t really a cause isn’t it? That’s what I find hardest about it.

      I know EXACTLY the store you’re talking about in Daylesford. We almost bought a coffee table there a few years ago but it was a little pricey. We have Oliver Birch here in Bendigo which is fab for homewares but it is a little bit pricey for some things and plus we like more quirky, boho things so not everything in there suits us. I think I get frustrated because I want everything to look amazing NOW whereas I think with home-y stuff it’s the collection over time… I’m too impatient!

      • 3

        so true, most of my favorite things are things I have collected over time without the intention of home decorating.
        the name of the other shop is frances pilley. maybe not so much homewares after all. they dont have much on their website but in store they have beautiful mugs, hanging plant bags and other little things.

  2. 4

    Always love your posts! <3
    And it's so important for your home to feel like, well, home. I bet things can be overwhelming at times like these, so I hope you get things sorted out soon! Looking forward to seeing your updates.

    Have a lovely weekend xo

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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