This past month I’ve really slowed down on trying new products because of my newly cemented skincare routine. I just don’t want to rock the boat! Instead there has been more of a focus on some unique product offerings and I am excited about them.


Designer Brands Luminous Hydrating Foundation*
This has been my everyday foundation of choice and the newly released base product is so affordable I was shocked at the quality. It is really thin in texture and blends into the skin fairly effortlessly. It doesn’t cling to dry patches, a must characteristic for me at this time of year, and it leaves a really natural lit-from-within appearance to the skin… As wanky as that sounds. My only negative is that is does oxidise so I would say grab a shade lighter to what you think you actually need as within 10 minutes post applying it does darken on the skin. Overall it is a great everyday foundation and it has me super keen to explore more of the range from Designer Brands given they are cruelty-free, vegan AND so affordable.


Liverpool St Tampon Subscription Service*
Given that I’m now vegan my lifestyle is forever changing as I become more and more aware of environmental impacts of things like tampons as well as what I’m putting into my body. I am constantly trying to adapt practices that are better for me and the environment. The conventional tampons are pretty nasty on both accounts so my plan was to find an alternative, and I was looking into Diva cups, after I finished my current tampon stash but I then got an email about Liverpool St Tampons. These tampons are organic and made from raw cotton, they are hypoallergenic, free from perfumes, perfumes, synthetic materials and they are 97.5% biodegradable. I thoroughly enjoyed using them last month and it’s a subscription I am seriously considering given the affordability.  Although they aren’t completely biodegradable they are such a better alternative then supermarket brands and a progressive set in the right direction!


Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat*
I did a little Insta-story when I used this and initially I didn’t love it however when I finished cleaning my brushes in only halfa (I had ALOT to clean!) I couldn’t help but be impressed. All the different grooves really help cleanse your brushes super fast and efficiently. Of course there are plenty of alternatives on the market but if you’ve considering this particular mat I would recommend it.


Avene Micellar Water for Combination/oily skin
This was a purchase I made before my current skincare routine came into my life and before I was aware that Avene is not cruelty-free. I have never been so disappointed in a micellar water and maybe that is because I love the original formulation from Avene so much. This sucked! Not only was it pretty stripping on the skin it just seemed to wipe your make up all around your face rather then actually remove it. I wouldn’t recommend this product but, if you are not cruelty-free, the original version is ace!


Eco Coco Hair Treatment*
This was a product that I’ve been waiting to try for months but I try to only have one of each product type in my shower otherwise I get overwhelmed. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I absolutely hate products that come in tubs – especially ones that have to go into the shower! Obviously this particular product was already in the good books given the packaging. It smells like a tropical holiday, so coconutty, but nothing overpowering and it just does such an ace job at leaving my hair feeling nourished but not weighed down. It is a mask I would happily repurchase over and over again.


What new products did you try this month?



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    I’m so surprised you didn’t like the Avene micellar water? Its one of my favourites! But then again I do have combination skin.

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