As you guys are probably aware I’m doing Frocktober this month which is a charity event for the whole month of October raising funds for ovarian cancer research. I though each week I would round up everything I’ve worn and collate it into a weekly post – just incase you’ve missed it or are after a link to a product.


If you’d like to help me raise money for Ovarian Cancer please follow this link. Every dollar counts :) 


Oh and I know usually for these posts I do a collage but for 31 outfits and I’m doing these weekly I just don’t have the time! Hopefully this format is okay! Monthly outfit round ups will be back in November.

Day 1
I was ridic excited about this photo because I’m feeling more comfortable in front of the camera and playing around with how I pose. Sounds so fucking silly but it’s making me experiment more and I actually love this shot. Pinny’s are massive this season and I cannot wait to bust this one out for work once I pack away the tights and cardigans!


What I’m wearing: Feather & Noise Morgan Pinny & Walker Tee (both size 8) | Shanghai Suzy Garnet Lipstick | Asos Baker Boy Hat (red sold out black is linked)


Day 2
One of my favourite things about warmer weather is kimonos and luckily kimonos are going to be big this season. SO MUCH YES! I cannot wait. I’ve also developed a soft spot for Cotton On which is strange for me because I never really enjoyed shopping there prior to recently… More to come on my fave finds but for now this slip dress comes in tonnes of variations!


What I’m wearing: Lanterns Kimono (gifted, size M) | Cotton On Cami Dress (size M) | Le Specs Sunglasses (not current) | Lack Of Colour Fedora

Day 3
This dress I bought last year in a different print and wore it to death! It’s such a fab thrown on and go style. The sheer arms offer coverage but that little bit of something different and I think it makes the dress feel a little bit more special. It also comes in this stunning blue which I love! It was today I realised how fucking mad I am for attempting this dress everyday thing….. I am now shitting my pants… Or dress.


What I’m wearing: Rock Your Style Gemma Dress (size 10, gifted) | Lack Of Colour Fedora | Shanghai Suzy Garnet Lipstick | Sportsgirl Bag (not current)

Day 4
Wednesday’s is one of the days I work at the shop. I love Steele as a brand and I always invest in their dresses because they are easy to wear to work. A few months ago I bought this bad boy and I haven’t really worn it because I prefer it without tights underneath. LOVE IT!


What I’m wearing: Steele Marigold Mini Dress (sold out, maxi or another mini linked) | Betts Tote Bag (gifted, not current) | Birkenstock Arizona | Lack Of Colour Fedora 

Day 5
I almost retouched my leg in photoshop for this photo but I was like fuck it! I’ve never retouched myself soon why start now right? I know this isn’t very dress-like but technically I am wearing a dress with a tee layered over the top sooooo. Still counts! I’m super proud of how this shot turned out too!


What I’m wearing: Guilty tee (size L, gifted) | Cami Dress (size S) | Converse PlatformsAsos Baker Boy Hat (red sold out black is linked) | Raen Round Sunglasses


Day 6
It’s been windy AF here in Bendigo so soz about the strange huddled-in-a-corner look! Had to be done to get the shot. I have this dress in the mustard and I have really fallen in love  with it especially for work! It’s comfortable but still looks great.

What I’m wearing: Crushed Navy Paisley Dress (size 8, gifted) Elroy Eyewear Sunglasses (not current) | Mollini Boots (not current, similar here)  

Day 7
This isn’t actually what I wore to work but for date night hell yes! I’m in love with this mini dress because it has a deeper V but you can still wear a bra with it which is a huge win in my eyes!


What I’m wearing: Lone Star Mini Dress (size M, gifted) | Plain Jane Sticky Jane Earrings (gifted, love the mis-matched!!!) | Raen Round Sunglasses |  UO Lola Bag (gifted) | Lack Of Colour Fedora 



Phew! That is week one done and I have to admit I am so struggling producing this much content AND wearing only dresses. It is so much tougher then I thought it would be and I’m pretty fucking scared about the rest of the month. I just need to keep remembering that it is all for a good cause and will be worth it in the end.


What were your fave outfits?

If you’d like to help me raise money for Ovarian Cancer please follow this link. Every dollar counts :) 




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  1. 1

    Love this, such a great initiative and sounds incredibly fun as well! I am in love with all your outfit choices, but I think I like Day 1, 3 and 7 the most as I can imagine myself also wearing them! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics for this month! xx

    Chantalle | http://www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  2. 3
    • 4

      Thanks Maddie! I love that one as well :)

      I had one as well and I did the same thing. It proves hoarding clothes isn’t a bad thing haha x

  3. 5

    Me personally I like the last 2 outfits the best, but overall I’m loving the poses! I need to get more comfortable in front of the camera & play around a bit more posing because I feel like some stiff Top Model contestant atm lol.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  4. 7

    I love a good pinny and they’ve been such a staple for me for years now because they’re so easy to throw on with basically any top you own, and they’re just something different and a bit more fun than a skirt sometimes. In fact I’m wearing a blue denim pinny right now!


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