As you guys are probably aware I’m doing Frocktober this month which is a charity event for the whole month of October raising funds for ovarian cancer research. I though each week I would round up everything I’ve worn and collate it into a weekly post – just incase you’ve missed it or are after a link to a product.


If you’d like to help me raise money for Ovarian Cancer please follow this link. Every dollar counts :) 



Day 8
This was my Sunday outfit for the half of the day we were out doing things… The other half I spent in my sports bra! This is another divine Little Party Dress number and I absolutely love the way you can casual it down with the right accessories but imagine this sort of thing for an event! Amazing.

What I’m wearing: Vanessa Blue Floral Dress (size 8, gifted) | Brixton Hat | Raen Round Sunglasses | Converse Platforms | Voodoo Hosiery Socks (gifted) | Asos Reversible Waist & Hip Belt

Day 9
I’m having a bit of a moment with pinny’s at the moment. There is something really cool about feeling like a 5 year old again! I love this particular one because it’s pink and cord – amazing right? I paired it back with boots and a hat because I honestly felt a little out of my comfort zone. I cannot wait to wear it again though!

What I’m wearing: Candy Overall Dress (gifted, size 8) | Striped Tee (not current) | Elroy Eyewear Harper Sunglasses (not current) | Asos Baker Boy Hat  | O’neil Black Boots 

Day 10
Tuesday’s are usually a day at home but I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend for a few hours. I ended up sticking to something super comfortable because I was going to come home and work in the office. There is nothing better then connies and a denim jacket right?


What I’m wearing: Factorie Basic Long Sleeve Dress (size S) | Oversized Denim Jacket | Converse Platforms 


Day 11
I always say I’m over the off the shoulder trend but then I pick out all my favourites pieces and they’re off the shoulder. This particular dress is one from Lizzy & Lilac and if you’re into super boho pieces you’ll love their range. They have lots of brands from overseas you won’t find in your typical boutiques and this dress is only $60!


What I’m wearing: Fiona Off-The-Shoulder (gifted, size 10) | Asos Reversible Waist & Hip Belt | Lack Of Colour Fedora | Sportsgirl Bag (not current) | Le Specs Sunglasses (not current)



Day 12
On Thursday I had an eye test so I didn’t worry about make up or hair. I actually chucked on a jacket over this super cute Tobi dress but got sooooo hot while I was out. I love the Yeezus tee vibes and how comfy the boxy cut is. One of things I never want people to forget is that bloggers are people and don’t look all done up all day everyday.


What I’m wearing: Can’t Find Me Camo Dress (gifted, size M) | Raen Round Sunglasses | Converse Platform Sneakers 

Day 13
Date night is always Friday or Saturday night so I decided to throw on this divine red number that is ridiculously out of my comfort zone but  I LOVE it. I never thought I would be a red person but here we are! Again this is a Tobi dress so it’s super affordable but I’m impressed with the quality… I mean I’m wearing black granny pants and you can’t even see them. Side note I’ve just been leaving my hair all natural, no product and I’m not mad at it!


What I’m wearing: Catch The Flow Halter Swing Dress (size M, gifted) | Jeremiah Heels | Elroy Eyewear Harper Sunglasses (not current)

Day 14
Another dressed up night out for this grandma! Watch out I am on the loose. Haha I swear I hardly ever go out but my baby cousin is now 18. So crazy! I went with this super simple black of the shoulder from Shop Angelica which is a store that reached out to me and I’m really loving their range. They have a great range of everyday basics and this dress is the only off the shoulder dress I have that doesn’t ride up when I lift my arms up meaning I can wear it to work with flats in the summer – yay!!! Highly recommend this one… And I mean how good are these cool as fuck glasses.


What I’m wearing: Tahlia Dress (gifted, size 8) | Jeremiah Heels | Orange Glasses


What were your fave outfits?

If you’d like to help me raise money for Ovarian Cancer please follow this link. Every dollar counts :)



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  1. 1

    I love them all! this is such a cool way to experiment and find new looks and things to try. i don’t wear dresses very often because it has to be really hot for me. I’m still reaching for a warm cardigan most days! WHY IS IT STILL SO COLD.
    I only have like…3 dresses! It always has to be certain weather for me wear them. Very hot and zero wind. Or it’s a nope. But I do wish I would wear them more often. :)

    • 2

      Yes! I definitely agree. I’m loving it haha I’m actually a bit of a cold bod so usually I wear a cardi over the top :P

  2. 3

    I loooove that pink corduroy pinny! It’s SO cute and the perfect colour. I’m all about pinafores and think they’re so versatile and have been wearing them for years, so I love that they’re coming back around again because there are so many more to choose from.


    • 4

      Me too! I actually never wore them before now but they are definitely something I’ll hold onto because they’re so easy and comfy.

  3. 5

    I’m a fan of the last 2 (especially the last dress), even though I can’t wear off-the-shoulder styles because my shoulders are lopsided. Red is a really good colour on you too btw! I also like the camo dress because you’re right, we bloggers are people & aren’t made up all day erry day.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  4. 7

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