Erin Bigg is a company that only launched last year an Australian make up artist but is fast becoming quite popular. The mineral make up brand offers everything from foundations to gorgeous lip colours. Here are my thoughts on the foundation. 

I’ve seen it available at a few Australia boutiques but never knew what products to try first. I finally decided to test the Erin Bigg Cosmetic Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation and I think it is a love affair in the making. This foundation is a liquid-to-powder finish, oil free and SPF 15. It promises a velvet finish and to last all day long – even on those of us who suffer an oily t-zone or have sensitive skin! The packaging is pretty basic but I do like how user friendly it is in the tube which really is the most important thing.

My skin isn’t looking to bad at the moment with only a few pigmentation marks around my mouth and chin from a breakout but nothing is active. I always use a primer so I did use one on this particular day. I kept in mind that this was a liquid-to-powder formulation so I went with a basic one over a mattifying one to avoid it being hard to blend although I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a problem. I dotted the foundation all over my face and blended it in using a flat top kabuki. Unlike other liquid-to-powder finishes I’ve tried it doesn’t go chalky or set whilst your blending so you have enough time to really work it into the skin for a flawless finish. I would say this gives a higher side of medium coverage with a velvet finish. I did avoid applying this around the dry bits around my pigmentation because it did cling but I did expect that from this foundation (and any really) so if you have dry patches this wouldn’t be one to invest in. I’m lucky and only experience dry patches after breaking out.  I do set my foundations with a powder but I decided to leave this one because of the powder finish of the foundation. The shade Linen is also a pale girls best friend! It matches my natural skin colour perfectly!!! YAY.

Four hours later I’m seriously adoring this foundation. It’s super comfortable and hasn’t really changed at all since application. I did notice that it broke apart a little around my nose but I have a habit of forever touching my nose so that’s probably why. I really love the coverage especially for days where you’re not having a great skin day – this blurs everything amazingly! I didn’t touch up at all at this stage and I wouldn’t on a typical day because as I said it looks almost identical to when I first applied it.

Excuse the dodgy lighting in these photos it was night time in winter! By this stage I want to remove my make up stat. Although it doesn’t appear to be over oily I feel extremely uncomfortable and it’s starting to transfer if I touch my face. It held up pretty well for a nine hour day but did fad throughout my T-zone where I’m most oily and broke down around my nose and chin areas. I think if I blotted and applied powder to my skin it would feel alot better and potentially last even longer.

Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone with combination/oily skin. The only issue I see with this foundation is the tendency to break apart after about 8 hours but for everyday I think it’s perfect. I’ve been wearing this everyday and I blot/powder after about 7 hours which lasts me until I get home at night time. The coverage and finish is just gorgeous plus the formulation is a dream to apply which is really something for a liquid-to-powder finish. If you’ve tried Erin Bigg cosmetics and have a product recommendation let me know because I’m itching to try more.

Retails for $54 and can be bought from Rouche Boutique here

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    This is the first I’ve heard of Erin Bigg but the foundation looks really good on you! You look flawless but it doesn’t look overly unnatural. I have a love-hate relationship with velvet/powder finishes because it can make my skin look a bit dry but I suppose thats what happens when you put powder over powder! Foundations always seem to break apart on me at the end of a long day too.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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    This looks like a great foundation, and it looks lovely on your skin. Unfortunately I doubt it would work for me, I have dry skin and always seem to have dry patches.

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    Never heard of this brand, but it looks like it does a really great job! You look lovely as always, and I’m loving that lip color!

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    I have been interested in this brand / product for a while, thanks for this post – it ticks all boxes on my checklist and it looks like it provides good coverage :) you look beautiful xx

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