Cleansing in the morning is just as important as cleansing at night. I’ve collated three of our favourite products to use in the morning to revitalize the skin and prep it for make up application.


This the most basic of the three but probably my most used because it is so gentle. I have combination/oily skin and I was sure this cream cleanser wouldn’t work for me but it actually is one of the best cleanser I’ve used for the morning time. It’s completely soap free and enriched with vitamin E so it’s very soothing and moisturizing. It’s pH balanced so it won’t make your skin overproduce oils or strip it either. I find my skin feels lovely and soft after using this and it’s perfect if you’ve had a reaction or just want something really effective but basic at the same time.


One I highly recommend for all you combination/oily girls is the Amboni Organics Purify Face Cleanser Gel. It has a texture like no other gel cleanser I’ve tried – it’s very light and it doesn’t strip your skin at all. It’s full of amazing natural ingredients to help balance the skin whilst still giving you that clean feeling. It’s hard to come by organic gel cleansers that work well but this is definitely one of them.


This is one I think any skin type could use and it’s great for days where you aren’t showering because you apply the gel directly onto dry skin, add a little water and then rinse. It gives you a really soft, moisturized canvas but it doesn’t leave a film on the skin like other cleansing butters can. It’s rich and lovely against the skin but isn’t ‘too much’ for in the morning. I adored using this through the winter time because it didn’t require too much water and felt really luxurious on the skin. For $22 it’s an outstanding cleanser!


What are your favourite cleansers for the morning time?

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    I’m such a slacker when it comes to morning time skincare, so I better pick up my game! I’m definitely going to be trying these ones out very soon, thanks for the help!

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    The Evolve cleanser sounds amazing! Morning cleansing is such a drag for me, its so bad! Thanks for your help and the reminder hehe :)


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      Haha I know what you mean :) I’m guilty of just using a cleansing water every now and then but with my combo/oily skin I can’t go without cleansing morning and night. Xx

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    I need to use a cleanser with salicylic acid because I get pretty bad acne. Though I’ve seemed to figure out how to keep it under control. It just means I’ve become less adventurous with my skincare. I guess when you find something that works its best to stick with it!

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      So true Mel! I have some tried and trusted products I cannot go without (chemical exfoliators?!) so I completely understand what you’re saying :) x

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      Eve Lom is so expensive isn’t it? I had no idea it was worth so much until I looked into it. I think I’d opt for a trial pack before buying a full size to gauge whether it was really worth it!

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