Switching off in today’s modern age can be difficult. The past year I’ve really struggled with switching off at night and unwinding so I thought I’d share with you my top tips for unwinding and getting a good night sleep.


This one has been the most difficult for me personally. A lot of my life/job is online and creating a balance between normal work hours whilst still getting everything done can be hard. I would go to bed and stay up till all hours on my phone doing things that could really wait until morning. Make your bedroom a no technology zone. It will be hard to break the habit but it seriously makes a world of difference. No phones, no computer, ipad or TV. Make your room a place for sleep (and intimacy of course).

Another thing I’ve found super helpful is creating a routine during the late afternoon and just before bed. I now finish all sort of laptop work at 5:30-6, go for a walk or do a work out then come home make dinner and relax. I think it’s important to give yourself so ‘me’ time in the late afternoon to unmind and forget about work. About half an hour before bed I make myself a tea which really relaxes me.

I usually try to do this just before I finish up my working day. I create a list of any jobs that will need to be done the following day. This really helps me not to stress after I finish the days work.

There are too many times I’ve had an argument with someone or had to ask someone an important question – whatever it may be – and I haven’t. what happens? I end up having the worst possible sleep. My advice would be, if you can, resolve the issue/answer the question/deal with before you get in bed.


What are your top tips for switching off at night?

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    Lovely post, it is so important to wind-down. I like to light a candle and just relax, I also have downloaded a few apps that have a collection of ‘relaxing music to sleep to’ and my favourite is the ‘Tibetan music’ (so random but I love it, completely relaxes me) you should definatly try it and see what you think!! x


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    Great tips! I’ve always tried to make my bedroom a no technology zone – I have my computer plugged in in my living room, I don’t have cable service in my bedroom – but somehow my phone ends up in my hand while I lie in bed.
    What helps me get to sleep is a cup of something hot and a good book.

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