A few people emailed and commented here and there asking for me to talking about our engagement party a little more. Although I’m happy to share some details you won’t find a bunch of photos of the night in this post just due to privacy reasons as I’m sure you will all understand. I’m also going to do one about saving money but still having an awesome engagement party so if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them in that.

Our engagement party was a last minute thing. We really weren’t sure if we were going to even have one but after a weekend away with the family in January we decided ‘we might as well’. That’s the kind of people we are and in true Sarah and Isaac form we didn’t want to do it in halves. We briefly looked at having it at a local venue because it would be less hassle and generally easier on us but the cost was something we personally couldn’t justify. We opted at having in the backyard of our current place, doing the food ourselves and hiring a few wine barrels etc to make the night a bit special. It was such a task! We lined our drive, backyard and outdoor area with fairy lights in the lead up and then setting everything up on the day in 40 degree heat was a little crazy bit it was SO worth it.


Our menu was kept simple with drinks being punch, sparkling or wine and beer for the boys. For food my in-laws did slow cooked pork and lamb which was such a hit, we made falafels for any vegos and my Mum and sister-in-law covered us with a selection of salads. It was a huge team effort (I didn’t left a finger though – my family rock!).

We decided to buy our fairy lights from Ebay, balloons from Lark Store and then hire the furnishings like trestle tables/wine barrels/punch dispenser from Bendigo Hire. Our invitations we also an invitation template from Aniet Illustration on Etsy (amazing customer service) printed on paper from Paper Marc (again amazing customer service) with stickers from An April Idea via Paper Marc. So all in all we did most things DIY and it was worth it because it felt like us!


If you were wondering about my outfit my dress was from my fave boutique Monalisa here in Bendigo, they also have an online store, as well as shoes from there as well. They’ve since sold out of both but I’ve linked both items in the text so click through to check them out! The shoes are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever wore and the dress was comfy but looked cute too. Both items I’d recommend 100% for anyone because they are just both so comfy!! Isaac’s shirt was from ASOS and he wore it with Birks (I’ve converted him – win!) and some plain denim shorts his had forever.


Some tips for keeping your planning stress-free:

  • Set a date that’s achievable for you guys to plan and afford hosting a party – don’t rush into it!
  • Don’t be afraid to allocate tasks to family members or friends because they want to help you out
  • Consider seating, a flexible menu and the weather (thank god it cooled down in the evening for us)
  • Look at cheap shops like Kmart and Typo for your decorations but keep it simple – it’s not your wedding remember!
  • Call into florists, hire companies, cake peeps and any other vendors you’ll be out sourcing at least 3 weeks prior to either book/order or find out details you need early. We booked our cake lady a month out and we were the last booking for that weekend so get in early to avoid missing out.
  • Do what feels right for YOU GUYS!
  • Have fun. Everyone you love will be there so don’t worry about the minor details because nobody but you will notice them anyway :)


What are your top tips for throwing an ace party? Don’t forget to leave any questions below xo



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  1. 1

    I’m so far off an engagement party it’s not even funny, but there are some really great tips here for just general party planning. I think as you said the most important thing is that everyone just does what feels right for them, it can be so easy to get caught up in what you think you should be doing as opposed to what you actually want to do.


    • 2

      Exactly! We’re doing the same planning our wedding.. There are so many pressures from society and family to do things a certain way when really you should just do what you want too!

  2. 3

    LOVE the fairy lights! I am so in to lighting… it just makes everything so beautiful! Congratulations again and can’t wait to hear all about your wedding sometime soon! <3


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