In a way I’m starting this series for pure selfish reasons – I need to read more. Welcome to Book Chatter where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my latest reads. This one dates back a little while but hey it’s a start!

Steamed from a popular twitter feed @whitegirlproblems there is a team behind Babe Walker. Funnily enough I didn’t know that when I was reading which made it even more hilarious (however I had a bit of an idea with the crazy, jaw dropping happenings). The book is penned by ‘Babe Walker’ as a biography and as she struggles through her expensive smoothie habit, love for designer things and undergo labiaplasty – you can’t help but giggle at the sheer ridiculous-ness of this self-obsessed character.

Along the way there is so many amusing moments that I just couldn’t put it down. The rich brat Babe manages to make you cringe so much that you could either laugh or cry at how every scenario is a reflection on today’s society… Maybe slightly on steroids but still absolutely hilarious.

If you’re a fan of stupid memes or are one of the 811K Twitter followers Babe has then you will love this book. It’s relatable in the way that we all want to quit our jobs and go to art school (even if we have no talent at all) at some point don’t we? It’s hilarious and a i-can’t-wait-to-read-what-she-does-next kinda book. It’s an easy read but completely worth picking up!

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Have you read White Girl Problems? Also I would love to hear any book recommendations you have!

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    It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a humorous book. I’ve been into the action ones lately. Although I really want to read Yes Please by Amy Poehler. This book looks like an enjoyable read!

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    I started this book but I just couldn’t finish it. I think I either got too exasperated/disgusted at the ridiculousness of the plot and the shallowness of Babe’s character, although I agree it is funny! Probably because everything was a bit over the top :P

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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