There are some products that are just designed to be used as an experience rather then to reduce pigmentation or something crazy like that. Be Genki is a local Australian brand that offer a range of products based off a certain experience and oh boy are they good.

The experience that I was so grateful to be gifted is the Serene range that are designed to be used to help bring about a sense of calm. I run MTA three days a week where I need to produce twelve posts from start to finish and also manage admin. I love it but it is very stressful so this collection has been amazing for me.

The scent blend is predominately palm arose, rosewood, patchouli, neroli and rose otto which together create the most gorgeous herbal, relaxing scent. I find lighting the candle and having a cup of the tea enough to calm me down and relax me in the evenings so they are easily my two favourites from the range. The body oil I love applying just after a shower whilst the skin is still damp and then working in. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and again, the scent just relaxes me instantly.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift idea for a loved one or want some products you can turn to for instant relaxation and unwinding I’d highly recommend Be Genki.

For more information visit Be Genki website.

What are your favourite products for the ultimate aromatherapy?

*the be genki serene experience was gifted to me by the gorgeous Sam behind the brand. I absolutely adore the range so I had to share it with you guys. For more information please see our disclaimer.

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    This sounds like a fantastic idea! Never heard of a company doing anything like this before! And it does sound like a great gift :)


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    thank you for the fabulous review Sarah and MoreThanAdored xox Love that you totally ‘get’ what we’re all about. Big hugs and love x Sam @ BeGenki x

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