New in beauty is back after a little hiatus…. If you follow me on social media you’ll know we’ve had a crazy few months with wedding plans, babies being born and travelling so this mammoth feature that takes ALOT of work was on the back burner. So excited to bring you a round up of my favourite launches from this month!


Essie Spring Collection – full review coming next week
If there is something I’ve always loved it’s Essie’s releases from season to season and from memory there is only one collection I’ve ever not been a huge fan of (Cashmere Mattes you just didn’t work out for me). This season we see the brand shake up the typical Spring colour scheme with the likes of a deep green ‘Off Tropic’ and even a muted blue ‘Pool Side Service’. I cannot get enough of this collection so I highly recommend checking it out ASAP as I feel it’s going to go quickly – swatches coming Wednesday next week for y’all.


Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Scent
This was a huge surprise parcel from Jo Malone and a welcome one because I love their candles. The latest scent is both fresh and a tiny bit floral but mostly really fresh and light. I can imagine this being a fail safe gift come Christmas time because it’s not overpowering and one most people would get use out of in a living space, bathroom or kitchen. If you’re a sickly sweet lover like Isaac you won’t love it but if you enjoy fresh, clean smells it’s definitely one to sniff.


Lanolips Gentle Cleansing Bar
One of my favourite brands ever is expanding (whoop, whoop!). First we saw the hand cream as something a little different, for the record it’s fab especially if you or your man constantly has cracked hands, and now the brand is venturing out into body AND face. When I caught wind of the news I was very excited as most of you will know the Lanolips 101 Ointment is just the best thing since sliced bread and really bloody works at healing the lips and any dry patches. I haven’t been using the new Gentle Cleansing Bar on my face as it’s not the method I prefer for facial cleansing however I do use it on my chest and shoulders where I’m prone to minor breakouts and blackheads. I can say since using this my skin has felt so soft and noticeably a little clear too. They’ve also released an All Over Balm I’m dying to try but I haven’t spotted it in stores yet.


Bioderma Sensibio Anti-Redness Range
What was once a brand impossible to find in Australia is now ever expanding and growing availability around rural areas like mine. The latest launch is part of their Sensibio range and is designed to help lessen the appearance of redness. There is an ingredient in the products called Toleridine which claims to raise the skin tolerance threshold without any emulsifying agents that can make your skin red essentially. I haven’t tried all the products and honestly I’m not the best person to share if it’s helped redness as my skin is fairly sallow at the best of times BUT I can tell you I’m really enjoying Cleansing Milk for a quick cleanse in the morning and also removing my base make up. Bioderma is a brand I personally really trust for skincare and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending giving a go if you have a problem like redness or acne.


Essano Hair Care Duo-Pack
A quickie that has just launched is a decent size travel pack. For some reason whenever we travel it’s impossible to find good quality haircare in travel size and this is one of my favourite affordable haircare duos! Be sure to check out the mini pack if you’re after some decent size travel shampoo and conditioners.


YSL Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream 402
A new line from YSL is the revamped lip stains and these are seriously good. They have more of a creamy, intense pigmentation (whilst still being lightweight) and a bit more like a liquid lipstick whereas the original formula was more almost water-y in texture. It has the same doe-foot applicator the I really love and thank YSL for creating such a beautiful applicator. There is a total of 12 shades in the range and I would really recommend checking them out!



The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops Lightning
I don’t actually know if this is new but it’s definitely new to me so I wanted to share it with y’all because I think alot of people would benefit from knowing about this product. It’s essentially a mixing liquid you can add to your base products to lighten them up if it’s the wrong shade. I’m pretty in love with it because I can now wear my favourite foundations that are slightly too dark year around. It does obviously change the texture of your foundation making it a little thicker but apart from that I haven’t noticed to disrupting the finish or wear of my base. There is also a darkening one available however it’s not something I’ve personally tried.


Shu Uemura Tint Gelatos
These are a very strange lip product but I’m a little bit obsessed with the formulation. It’s almost like a liquid lipstick consistency so a little bit thicker and super pigmented but they give a satin finish to the lips rather then a super glossy appearance. It’s handy to have a product like this because you can work them into the lips and wear them without realising there is something there. The applicator is amazing and actually pretty similar to the YSL one!


Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner
I’m a little torn about this product because I can see where Lancome were coming from when they designed the unique applicator. The wand is lodged on a ball which allows you to click the brush to different angles which is meant to help you apply your eyeliner. If you’ve been wearing eyeliner for years like me it can be super hard to get used to an innovative product like this and make it work however if you’re relatively new or learning to apply eyeliner it could definitely help. The formulation is great and super black however I just can’t get it to work but I do see that there is a place on the market for it.


Beyonce Heat Seduction
The top note of this is orchid which I love however I can’t help but feel that the Beyonce line are starting to smell very similar. It’s floral without being overpowering and it wears well throughout the day for a budget scent. One to sniff if you’re buying someone younger a present in the lead up to Christmas.


What are your favourite releases this month?

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    Ooh, that Jo Malone candle looks beautiful! When it comes to candles I’m more into either masculine tobacco-ish smells or super sweet pumpkin/cinnamon/vanilla scents, but I would never say no to something from Jo Malone! I also love that we’re getting more releases from Bioderma over here, it’s so great to be able to walk into a Priceline and have a browse because I remember back when we could only order French pharmacy brands online and it was such a pain!


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      I walked into Chemist Warehouse the other day and was seriously impressed by the amount of LRP products they had available! So happy that we now have access too those kinda brands

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