Inspired by the 2015 Pantone Color of the year Lush have added a new shade to their fresh handmade colours. The deep, rich burgundy has been a favourite of mine for a long time – here’s what I thought of the new addition.

Prior to receiving this lip colour I had no experience with the freshly made lip colours from Lush. I have always been intrigued but with the first ingredient listed being jojoba oil I just assumed that the formulation would be far to slippery and not at all long-lasting, which doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this one though. It is very pigmented, smooth, hydrating and fairly easy to apply. It is a very light and moisturising formulation but the glossy finish you see in the above photo does wear down throughout the day very comfortably. I’m guilty of blotting with a tissue for more of a stained look over the intense gloss you see when first applied.

As for the colour it is very beautiful and one I will definitely be getting alot of wear out of come autumn and winter. It’s very reminiscent of Mac’s Diva without the matte finish and crazy price tag. I love it! It also makes your teeth look very a white which is always a much loved bonus.

Lush’s ‘Confident’ retails for $19.95 here 

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried any other bits from the Lush make up line?


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    That shade is absolutely stunning! I’ve tried a bunch of the lush skincare stuff, but have yet to try out any of their makeup. Guess I’ll have to change that soon [[=

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      They only do a few different things but I’m pretty impressed with this I might check out their skin tints now x

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      The packaging is definitely not for everyone but I don’t mind it. I think it’s very on brand with the rest of Lush’s stuff. xx

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    This is such a gorgeous colour, looks amazing on you! I’ve never really checked out the makeup at Lush but I feel like I should now!

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      Thanks Ellie! I’m pretty impressed. I don’t think they do too many products, mainly lip and skin tints but I’m interested to try more. x

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    I just realised I missed some of this post as it didn’t load fully when I read it the first time. The lip colour looks amazing on you Sarah! It really, really suits you. xx

    Bethany |

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    I can’t wait to try this in person! It looks like the absolute perfect winter colour!

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