Although Etsy can be slightly overwhelming at times there are some absolute gems in amongst all the unique stores. There is nothing that compares to supporting small, independent designers. Here are five of our favourites!

1. MISHKAbags
I’m in the market for a good quality leather bag and these are right up my alley. All are gorgeous in design and shape I’m really finding it hard to narrow it down. There is a great range of everything from bucket bags to totes and even clutches and coin purses. Although they are more expensive I think you’ll be getting what you pay for.

2. Vessel and Vine
Brooke runs V&V and is based in Brisbane selling a small range of planters ranging from smaller ones to hanging. These are the perfect way to add some interest into any space. I’m slightly obsessed with planters and these are some of my favourites!

3. Meinafarala Home
Whilst we’re taking planters MH sell some absolutely stunning ones as well! I’ve been following the Aussie based store for a little while over on Instagram and I’m constantly stalking the store to see whats new. Lindsey offers a whole range of bright concrete items to the most gorgeous marble ones too.

I’ve bought iPhone cases from Etsy before and I’m always impressed by the unique designs you can find. Artice Cases have the most gorgeous range… I think I’ll be making a purchase VERY soon.

5. Tillissimo
As you can probably tell by this post, I’m still slowly decorating our new space and I’m in desperate need of some coasters. I stumbled across Tillssimo and an order was instantly placed. They do such amazing, quirky designs ranging from geometric to more modern but all are so unique and would add something fun to your coffee table!

What are some of your favourite Etsy finds?

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    I love browsing Etsy stores. There’s some cool jewellery stores I really want to buy from haha. I’ve only bought digital images from an Etsy store for creating my wedding invitations.

    xx Kat @ Katness

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