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Here at More Than Adored we are obsessed with Instagram, it is one of our favourite apps. With so many photos to upload and share sometimes it is nice to select a few favourite ones to print out and appreciate. There is nothing better than an actual photograph. Here is one super cool way to display them in your bedroom or home office!


– Medium/Large Sized Photo Frame
– Scissors
– Twine or String
– Nails
–  Hammer
– Small Craft Pegs
–  Ruler
–  Pencil

METHOD: (This is for a medium sized frame with 4 Instagram Square Pictures)

1. Print out some of your favourite Instagram pictures at your local photo processing store, at home or through websites like Printstagram.

2. Remove backing, cardboard insert and glass from Photo Frame so you are simply left with the outer frame and nothing else. (If you are not going to use the frame again for displaying normal photos recycle the leftover cardboard and backing and discard the glass safely.)

3. Turn the frame over so the back of the frame is facing you and you can see the small black tabs inside of it that are usually used to keep the backing and/or glass in place.

4. With a ruler and a pencil, place the ruler straight across the width of the frame and mark small dots closer to the top half of the frame on both the left and the right side. This is where your nails are going to go.

5. Move the ruler down a couple centimetres and repeat the same process marking small dots for the next two nails on the bottom half of the frame.

6. Lightly poke the nail into the mark you made on the first dot and using the hammer knock it in until it is half way into the wood of your frame (be careful not to push it all the way in as you will be tying your string to the nails so they need to stick out a little)

7. Continue the same process with the other three nails on the marks you made earlier.

8. Your frame should now have 4 small nails in the back of it ready to add string/twine too.

9. With your string/twine wrap one end around the nail and using the other end tie it in a small knot leaving excess as this will reach over to the other side to create the string going from one side to the other.

10. Repeat this same step on the bottom two nails. Cut off any excess string.

11. Now hang your photos on the string using the pegs with two photos on the top line and two on the bottom line.

You now have a photo frame perfect for Instagram!

How do you usually display your Instagram pics?

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