Mineralogie is an 100% natural mineral based make up that is seriously good… In fact I don’t think I’ve ever tried a dud product from them! Each season the brand releases a few limited edition goodies that’ll have you covered in terms of trendy colours. This particular release is from February so it’s a very bright, playful collection that is right up my alley!

Lips are where it’s at with these new goodies and the ‘Caribbean Coral’ lipgloss is absolutely stunning. It’s very pigmented and although described as a coral I would say it’s very much on the nude side of coral. Regardless it’s gorgeous! Not sticky at all so there isn’t a worry of your hair getting stuck in it because we all know what a struggle there is when that happens. For lipsticks – oh. my. god! I don’t think Mineralogie could have made the two shades any better!  Electric Paradise is a very bright fuchsia pink and is the type of shade that’ll instantly brighten up your face (see it on below). As for Devil’s Advocate it’s an amazing orange with pink undertones. This one makes your teeth look uber white and lasts really well throughout the night. Both lippies contain jojoba, avocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E. They’re not drying and oh so comfy to wear!

The latest eyeshadow quad is going by the name ‘Mai Tai’ and is a collection of purple and pink shades that I was certain wasn’t for me. Once applied on the lids I appreciated the soft difference from my usually neutrals and I am completely hooked. The shimmery pink ‘Water Lily’ is a show stopper and each shade compliments each other very well on the eyes. I used all four on the lids in the below photos and I love the outcome!

autumn-hues-with-mineralogie-1 autumn-hues-with-mineralogie-2

Overall I adore the new offerings from Mineralogie and I think that they’re all worth checking out especially the eyeshadow quad! The brand is easily the best brand I’ve personally tried for mineral make up so if you’re looking for a natural brand to try I highly recommend them.

All products mentioned are available online from Mineralogie 

Do you have any favourite natural make up brands?

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    I love your background! The lippie colours look amazing! If they weren’t on the higher end of the price scale, I would totally snap some up!

    xx Kat @ Katness

    • 15

      Aww thanks Kat! Trying to change it up a bit now I have the room :P

      I know they are more pricey but the formulation is soooo goooood

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    Those lipsticks look stunning! I feel the eyeshadows wouldn’t be pigmented or dark enough for my darker skin but they look gorgeous on you. I especially love that it’s natural (so good for you and the planet!). I think my favourite natural brands would be Burt’s Bees (seriously great lipbalms) and Shea Moisture (the best, most hydrating shampoo and conditioner).


    • 19

      I’ve never heard of Shea Moisture I’ll have to research that one! I agree that Burts Bees have some amazing products :) x

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    Electric Paradise looks stunning on you! I’ve never tried anything from Mineralogie but their products sound awesome. That eyeshadow quad is so pretty, and it’s a bit different to what I’m used to too x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • 27

      Thank you Sheri! It’s very different for me but I’m totally in love with it… Admittedly it’s nothing something I would’ve purchased myself though :P

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