In a competitive industry like blogging it can be a challenge to celebrate when you see someone succeeding but it’s so important to overcome that! Here are 4 reason why.

1. You avoid feeling frustration and worried
When you’re really happy and excited for someone else’s success it doesn’t give you the opportunity to feel frustrated about your own life or work. If you’re constantly viewing someone else’s success as a loss for you, you allow those negative feelings and resentment to set in. Instead celebrate with those around you and draw inspiration from their hard work and success.

2. It’s just another reason to be happy
There isn’t any harm in being happy and allowing yourself to celebrate others success! If you’re showing support, love and genuine happiness for others then chances are that when something really great happens for you those people will be there to congratulate you. So it’s good times already right?

3. You’ll use less energy
I’m a firm believer in being negative and mean takes more energy then being kind and genuine. Focus on energy on being positive and happy for the success and then use the leftover energy to kick butt at your own goals!

4. Good Karma
Look at their win as a win for everyone. Who knows something amazing may just turn around and happen for you tomorrow!

Do you think celebrating other people’s success is important?

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  1. 1

    Yes I totally do: I think that your right if you harbour bad feeling and resentment it’s much more damaging than being happy for someone::: bitterness and nastiness is horrible: it’s much nicer to be kind. Lovely post x

  2. 3

    Loved this post! One of my new favourites from you hun, celebrating others success is way more important than tearing others down and being a negative person. xx

    Bethany | littlewhitelane.blogspot.com

  3. 6

    Aw, I love this post! I think it’s so easy get jealous of others’ accomplishments and it’s only human nature. But we should all actively work towards being happy for others as jealousy and frustration only hurts yourself. It’s important to empower one another even when it’s hard to.


  4. 8

    I love this post! It really is important to celebrate others success not just your own, every point you’ve written is so true :)


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  8. 15

    You are so right, Sarah! I know of a few people who are such bullies in this industry, and it makes me so frustrated. I seriously wish they could just be happy for other people’s successes and milestones, rather than judge. I hope those people read this post and take something from it.

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    • 16

      So do I and I’m just so happy I choose to surround myself with really beautiful people who are happy for one another :) x

  9. 17

    I totally agree with this post. Being negative is so draining! Allowing positive energy to permeate your interactions with others’ successes will only bring you happiness and peace of mind!


  10. 19

    Absolutely! I think us bloggers are all in it together and if one is able to be successful at what they love, HOORAY! I remember when you relaunched your website and new look and I was like *dancing* heh.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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