It’s important to take time out of our days and appreciate small things in our lives that make it special. I would love to hear 3 little things that make YOU happy in the comments below.

  1. Green tea and it’s ability to calm me down or wake me up.
  2. The sound of rain on the roof
  3. Photographs and the stories behind each moment
  4. A simple please and thank you from a stranger
  5. New stationary
  6. The sound of a candle crackling
  7. Cozy socks
  8. Finishing a product (or is that just me)
  9. Picnics
  10. Having the exact amount of cash when paying for an item
  11. The sound of an email being sent
  12. 90’s music
  13. My beautiful family and watching my younger sisters grow
  14. Anything with chickpeas especially hummus.. Yum!
  15. A fresh coat of nail polish
  16. New possibilities
  17. A warm bath after a long day
  18. Random messages from old friends
  19. Passionate people
  20. Comments from all of you, every single one makes me incredible happy

So what are three things that make you happy?

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    What a fab list!! It’s so hard to narrow it down to three and these will definitely change by the minute! Let’s go with (i) a fresh bed (ii) cuddles and (iii) dancing around like a fool XD

    xx Kat @ Katness

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