Recently a lady come into the shop I work in (my other job that helps me do this part time!). The small talk started as I wrapped up the beautiful plain, cream lambs wool blanket she had selected as a gift. Small talk at my workplace can be tricky as alot of customers are new Mum’s or those expecting. I ask if there was a new bubba in the family and she replied with ‘you’ve got no idea’. That initially stumped me until she proceeded to tell me about her daughter. Now I’ve heard alot of awful stories over the 3 years I’ve worked there from still borns to new borns with disabilities and everything in between but this one really hit home.


Her daughter had been trying for a baby for about 18 months when she found out she had cancer so the baby plans had to be put on hold. After being free from cancer they had fertility issues and eventually ended up exhausted in the process. They went ahead and tried for one last round of IVF and it was successful. They’re due in 3 months. The mother had tears streaming down her face as spoke and I could tell times had been really rough for her, her daughter and family.


When you hear of things like these happening it does really put things into perspective and on that day it hit home for me. I kept thinking fuck I’m lucky for absolutely everything I have. I know this woman didn’t want sympathy or mean to have such an affect on me and perhaps it was an conversation that acted as a form of release for her but it’s a conversation I’ll never ever forget. Her face full of so many emotions from sadness to pure joy was completely beautiful and unforgettable.


So now I want to open up the conversation – what are you grateful for? Big or small. Take a second and leave it down in the comments.


Here are just some of the things I’ve grateful for….


Isaac (and all my other beautiful family + friends)
We’ve been together almost 8 years so we were pretty young when we got together and alot of people thought that it was just a high school thing but I think we both knew that it was more than that. With how take-it-as-it-comes attitude we got through those high school years and then year 12 for us both; me moving away for uni and then eventually living together. Now we’re due to get married next year and start a new adventure. We’re pretty different in some ways and very similar in others but I think we balance each other out nicely. I’m a organiser, planner, stress head and enjoy organised mess whereas Isaac is a bit more of a take it as it comes, tidy person who always sees the positive in every situation. Our relationship is something I feel so lucky to have because it’s open and honest – it’s just easy. I count my lucky stars that my heart feels so full.


Having independence
It may seem strange but I have alot of friends that are either financially dependent on their parents because they’re still at university or have parents that have expectations of the life that they should lead. I am extremely grateful and in some ways proud that I’ve only ever had my parents pay for my university books once apart from that I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to work hard in my jobs to support myself. My parents also haven’t put pressure on me to go back and study or anything like that. It’s very liberating to have complete control over the life decisions I make without the worry of what my parents will say. Sure apart of me still looks for their approve on certain things but I know that no matter they’re going to support me.


My health
As some of you may know I have a disease that I’ve been dealing with since year 11 in high school. It really changed my life and made from the ages from 17-20 super difficult. Now looking back I was in a really low place and there was alot of darkness around me. I felt trapped, helpless and longed to be a normal care-free teenager. At 22 I’m happy to say that it is managed and I’m able to live a 90% normal life without worrying about it. When you’re young I think it’s normal to take your health for granted because it’s something you don’t have to think about very much. Everyday I wake up and feel so thankful that I am where I’m at now because I can lead a normal life.


What are YOU grateful for?


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    I’m really grateful for my family and my mum especially. It sounds corny but over the past few years we’ve gotten to know each other as friends rather than just mother and daughter and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her now!


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