Shanghai Suzy is easily one of my favourite Australian brands. The lipstick only brand releases on trend colours twice yearly and ever since launching I’ve been impressed. Budget-friendly, high quality and on trend colours – what more could you want? Well Shanghai Suzy has released a four pack consisting of some uber cool, unique shades and here’s my thoughts and swatches.

Want to see swatches and my thoughts on the NEW autumn/winter range from Shanghai Suzy? Click here. 

As I mentioned in the AW15 review post this release has seen the addition of the ‘shimmer’ formulation which is a pigmented colour with shimmer running throughout. There is also another new finish called ‘metallic’ which is very different, daring but similar to the ‘shimmer’ finish with more of a metallic finish (obviously) and a sheer formulation. The other finish you’ll find in this little pack is that ‘matte’ formulation which has always been my favourite from Shanghai Suzy because it’s pigmented, bold, matte but still so comfortable to wear. Each lipstick has that Shanghai Suzy trademark bubblegum scent.

shanghai-suzy-gothic-collectionGoldie, Dove Midnight, Emerald

Goldie: this is the sheer metallic formulation that is new to Shanghai Suzy. As I mentioned before it is sheer, slightly shimmery with a metallic finish. I surprisingly liked this once built up a little on the lips and I think it’s a subtle way to add something different to your look. It would look cool with a lipliner underneath too!

Dove: what an interesting shade right? It’s a highly pigmented blue-based grey and I just love this colour. The blue base to it makes it not as harsh and corpse-like so I think Shanghai Suzy really nailed the grey colour by doing that. It is a matte finish so it will stick around all night too!

Midnight: ah the onyx black was probably the most daunting shade for me in this set and when applied it felt it was a little harsh on my skin tone. This again is a matte which I think deep shades like black really need to be.

Emerald: this is a shimmer formulation and the sparkling forest green is definitely the most unique and daring shade in my whole lipstick collection. It’s very shimmery and as I said in the AW15 review this formulation requires some serious prepping. It can cling in dry spots as you can see above so scrub those lips before applying!


Overall it’s a unique collection with some daring shades. It’s not for everyone and I admit that these shades will be reserved for fancy dress parties or for blog content only BUT for $30 it’s such an affordable way to step outside your comfort zone!

Gothic Collection RRP $30 from Rouche Boutique

What do you think of the Gothic Collection?

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    if there was a teal shade I buy that in an instant. I’ve been wanting one for ages!
    what you should try with the gold is dabbing it on the centre of yours lips as a highlight on top of other lipsticks.
    I actually normally just use gold/copper eyeshadows but if its purposely made for lips it would be better. can never really know if there is something harmful in there but seriously it just looks so nice with pinks, reds or wine shades! :)

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