Budget brand Colour Theory have a new collection out called ‘Nautical But Nice’ and this nail polish was one of the bits included. We’re a huge fan of budget nail polishes especially and this colour is absolutely perfect for the cooler months.


The polish itself has pretty basic packaging but for a $4 I’m not complaining. The wide rounded lid can be a little bit difficult to grip compared to thinner counterparts but again for $4 I don’t mind the packaging being not as user friendly. The colour is a stunning deep wine colour that you’ll catch on my nails quite frequently especially in the cooler months. I like to think of this shade as a very ‘me’ colour and Colour Theory have nailed the shade! As for the longevity without a top coat it isn’t the best but if you have a good quality top coat then it’s fine. For $4 you really can’t go wrong so it’s worth checking out the stand at your local pharmacy.

Speaking of nails who has some tips for shaping nails? Mine grow fairly square, as you can see from above, but I really love the almond shape… Help a newb out?


Available from pharmacies nationwide RRP $4 click here for more information 

What do you think of this shade?

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    That is a lovely colour and so cheap! When shaping your nails, make sure you file in one direction only. Going back and forth will weaken the nail and could make it split, work on the outer corners first if you want to change the shape. Start of slowly and take your time, also invest in a good cuticle oil to make sure your cuticles and nails are healthy. I hope this has helped you or anyone else out.

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