unwindSometimes it can be really hard to switch off, de stress and relax after a long day of work, emails and social media. It can all get a bit much for one girl to handle. Here are a few of our tips on winding down when you really need to.


Tackle Things Head On: Now this may sound weird as trying to unwind usually means trying to not think about an endless to-do list however this is something a little different. You know the other list of things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t because life gets in the way sometimes? (everybody has one) pour yourself a nice glass of wine and accomplish all those little things that are so easy to forget to do; book the long overdue doctors appointment, put a little bit more money into that savings account or jump online and pay the phone bill. You will feel so amazing after doing this one little thing or the list of things that can easily be forgotten. Little things off your mind = relaxation time.


Clear Out: It is always said that a clear room means a clear mind and sometimes cleaning up a little bit can be so therapeutic. Whether it is just cleaning out a desk drawer or making Monica from Friends look unorganised. If you aren’t feeling up to the task of cleaning or organising your surroundings have a tech inspired clean up and delete those year old emails and organise the folders on your computer to sort through what is worth keeping; photos from your 18th birthday yes, the 10 receipts of ASOS orders you’ve received and worn… not so much.


Workout: This is on a few thousand advice lists. I need to listen to it too… Exercise is so therapeutic and it is true how they say it can be helpful in de stressing and unwinding for the day. It gets you focused on your body and you sweat it out to feel 100% better afterwards. How good is the feeling after you finishing going for a run or doing some yoga. Nothing can beat it.


Treat Your Self: After the really long stressful days it is so nice to come home and treat yourself to a bubble bath, a movie and ice cream or an early nights sleep. You really do deserve it.


Long days can be extremely tedious but with these things to look forward to your next one won’t be so bad.


What do you do to unwind and get things done?


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    I do love a good yoga class if I’m feeling stressed, but I always finish each day relaxing with a nice cup of peppermint tea – nothing better on a cold winter evening!

    • 4

      I have been dying to try a yoga class so hopefully I can get to one sometime soon, they seem so relaxing and fun, I’m not a huge fan of tea but it has so many benefits to helping you unwind too so add that to the list! xx :)

  3. 5
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      It is just as important for your mind and body as beauty is too. Showers after an amazing run are one of the best things ever xx

  4. 7
    • 8

      Thankyou! Cleaning can be so therapeutic haha let me know if you try out any exercises hun xx

  5. 9
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      It is the best feeling to just get all the ‘life admin’ out of the way so you can actually relax and not stress :)

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      Spotify has some really good playlists for unwinding so I have been loving that at the moment, think I might have to treat myself to a bath this weekend! xx

  8. 15

    having the apartment tidy and organized always relaxes me, so I tend to do a lot of cleaning in order to keep myself happy, haha :) and you can never go wrong with a bubble bath! Thanks for these great tips :)

  9. 17

    I should do the ‘Working Out’ part.. but really I do the ‘Treat Yourself’ most.. esp when the Choc Royale biscuits are on special lol I want what’s in that picture so bad right now… I function best when I zone out and blast music straight into my ears.. the housework seems to take half as long (and I can’t hear the kids whinging lol) and I feel energised and half my age! x

    • 18

      Haha everyone seems to skip the working out part lol a relaxing bath seems a lot more enticing I guess, I didn’t put music on the list but that is such a good one! I get twice as many things done when I am listening to music :) xx

  10. 19

    I really should start using working out as a way to unwind… maybe I’ll enjoy it more then :P I usually just chillax and browse social media (which is probably the worst way to unwind but oh well)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • 20

      I know how you feel haha it does make it a bit more enjoyable :P lol got to love a good social media sesh, sometimes it helps to relax depending on what is going on haha xx

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    • 22

      Thankyou! Hope your exams are going well, let me know how you go if any of these are helpful for you hun xx

  12. 23
    • 24

      That is exactly what 2015 is about! Love it! Yep it is something I have realised a lot more recently xx

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