Zoeva not only do make up tools – they do make up! How awesome is that? Sometimes when a brand ventures into another aveune of products people can be skeptical, I know I was, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


When I first saw the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette I was browsing Cassandra’s blog and instantly thought ‘I’m going to need that’ –  it was sent to me as part of their blogger program which I was so stoked about (thanks guys!). The eyeshadow quality is  smooth, buttery and blendable with a good whack of pigment to each shadow. This palette is everything I hoped and more with all the gorgeous rich, warm hues. It has given my Sigma Warm Neutrals palette a really good run for it’s money and you guys know how much I love that palette.


The first 5 shadows are a mix of mattes and shimmers. Bitter Start is what I love to see in every palette because it’s what I personally use as a base to all shadows. Warm Notes is an absolutely stunning red-toned shade for something really dramatic and then there are the likes of Sweeter End and Subtle Blend that are lovely shades for something a little more wearable.


Things keeping getting better as you go to the second row. Pure Ganache is the perfect name for the shade because it’s seriously luxe. Think of glitters on your eyeballs – it’s amazing! Then there are two more matte shades , yep that’s an incredible 4 matte shadows in the palette making it so easy to grab and go. Infusion is a shade I’m a bit disappointed by it has a dark satin base with flecks of shimmer… It’s just not my thing.


The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Shadows is seriously divine to work with and honestly there is NOTHING I would change about this palette. I know I just said how Infusion is a letdown but I think it’s a shade some would love and the rest of the palette is incredible. There isn’t a matte black which some may be annoyed by but personally I don’t use matte blacks enough to worry about the inclusion of the shade in palettes. This palette is such a good one for anyone who is looking for an extremely versatile palette that’s easy to work with and offer shades for day or night.


What do you think of this palette? Have you tried any Zoeva make up?

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    I’ve only tried some Zoeva brushes, which I use on a daily basis, but I’ve never tried their makeup. Looks like a gorgeous palette, I’ve seen multiple bloggers use it :)

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      I have the vegan face brush set (review coming Friday) and I’m loving it.. Keen to try out their eye brushes now but I can’t decide on a set or buying individually lol x

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    UGH I have been SO in love with this palette over the past month. It’s in my September Favourites :) I am bringing this with me on my honeymoon because I’m so obsessed with how easy it is to create amazing eye looks with this palette and if it had a mirror it would be the perfect travel companion! Couldn’t agree with your review more xxx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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    Ah this is so beautiful! I haven’t got any of their make up for the zoeva brushes are so amazing! Love the look of Freshly Toasted! x


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