Have you been eyeing up some of the latest releases but you’re not sure what’s worth it? Well we have you covered! Here are some of the best launches from the month and more information on each – no worries guys! 


Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse Dark Matte 
Ah the good old Rimmel tanning products take me back but it’s awesome to see them doing a revamp of the range. This is the dark matte version and it’s super dark so not one for anyone wanting a natural tan. It’s very quick drying formulation so you have to be quick to apply and it only takes 1 hour to develop which is awesome. I had no issues with streaking or patchiness but this doesn’t last the 7 days it claims too. The finish is awesome so I can overlook that but really it only looked nice for 3-4 days on me (I have fairly dry skin though).


Dove Aqua Moisture Nourishing Body Wash
This is a little bit more boring but I wanted to mention it because Isaac & I were talking about it and if we seen this in store we probably won’t by it because it doesn’t have a scent description on it… Does anyone else agree? We’re all about those smells with shower gels! But Dove have done an awesome job with this one and I 100% recommend it. It lathers well, smells absolutely amazing but it’s a great unisex scent so perfect if you share products with your partner or family.


Natura Siberica Oblepikha Shampoo & Conditioner 
Have you hear of Natura Siberica yet? Well you should have because it’s been everywhere lately and for good reason too! It’s a newly launched brand to hit Australia available from Chemist Warehouse and it’s all very natural with organic active ingredients. I was gifted the volume line of shampoo and conditioners and first off – the packaging! How bloody cute is it?! These are really great quality duo to use, I didn’t notice too much extra volume in the lengths of my hair but it did help through the roots and it didn’t leave that stickiness in the roots you can get. The conditioner is a little thin but in saying that I don’t think I’ve ever used a natural/organic shampoo and conditioner I like as much as these so I’m keen to see what else the brand has to offer.


Batiste Ella Henderson Dry Shampoo 
Ella Henderson and Batiste have teamed up to do this limited edition dry shampoo. I haven’t trialled this one yet because I’m finishing something else up at the moment but the scent is lovely so I’m keen to give it a go. I thought I’d mention it because I know so many of you guys LOVE Batiste!


Oscar De La Renta Extraordinary Perfume 
This has been one of the products I’ve been BUSTING to talk about for months since receiving it in the mail. This scent is gorgeous. I can’t smell at the moment (I’ve been sick) but it’s a very sophisticated scent. It’s like sweet, floral and a tiny bit spice all at once. It has neroli, cherry blossom as the top notes with peony, rose in the middle and then vanilla orchid and amber resin to finish… I would say if you like your sweet, fun scents but you don’t want to be caught wearing the same scent as your 13 year old cousin this is a fantastic one because it has that ‘I’m grown up but still fun’ vibe.


Brauer Manuka Honey Cold & Flu + Chesty Cough Elixirs 
I stopped taking traditional cold and flu tablets back in high school because I always had a reaction to them so it’s always a struggle when I get sick because I have to find alternative ways to get better. The day before these landed on my doorstop I was taken down by a horrible cold… I actually told everyone on twitter I was dying and I thought I was. My whole body ached! I digress. I was sick. So I started taking the Manuka Honey Cold & Flu Elixir and I do think that it helped reduce the aches. The taste isn’t horrible either – win! Brauer do a range of natural alternative medicines so it’s definitely a brand to look into.


Maxfactor Miracle Match Foundation 
I have a full review of this all ready to go and it’ll be up in the few weeks however I have to talk about the smell. It’s strong. It’s pungent. And after first wearing it I was convinced that I would never use it again buttttt I did it for you guys! It’s a really strong biscuit-y scent and I’m not a fan if you couldn’t tell but it does subside once everything is all dried down. The finish is really lovely and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Keep an eye out for a full review soon.


Ulta 3 Superstar Lipsticks
If you’ve added us on snapchat (if you haven’t add ‘morethanadored’) you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of Ulta 3 products usually however I’m super impressed by these. The shades are Shooting Star and Moonlight Mauve with the later being my pick from them – a gorgeous dark mauve. They’re comfortable to wear and easy to apply but as you’d expect not the best lasting power. It’s cool to see Ulta 3 doing some limited edition collections!


Rimmel Brow This Way Sculpting Kit & Styling Gel 
It’s exciting to see so many affordable brands coming out with brow products! Rimmel have released the sculpting kit in a few different shades which contains a wax, powder and tiny brushes that nobody ever uses. I was gifted the dark brown shade which doesn’t suit my taupe-y brows however after swatching I’m impressed by the pigmentation and the wax is a great consistency. If you can find a suitable colour I would recommend it and I know I’ll be hunting down the blonde kit ASAP. They’ve also launches the styling gel and I have been giving both the blonde and transparent a whirl. The blonde shade would be perfect for my brows if I hadn’t gone back balayage but now I feel like I need something a tiny bit darker. The formulation is very pigmented therefore you do need to apply with a light hand. The brush isn’t as small as I prefer but for an affordable option it’s pretty fab.


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Lipsticks 
When I first saw this collection admittedly I thought all the shades were very similar with no real depth however now I actually have them considering it’s a nude collection my mind has changed. Sure there are a few mid-tones that are comparable with each other but the fact is that there are alot of people with fair/medium complexion so I do see why Rimmel decided to do the collection that way – it just suits the consumers. I’m always impressed to see a deeper colour for those with darker skintones as well. The formulation is very similar to the regular Kate Moss lipsticks so they’re creamy, pigmented and hydrating on the lips. A full review and swatches of these are coming soon!

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What do you think of the latest releases? Have you tried any of these bad boys yet? 


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    “Wax, powder and tiny brushes that no one ever uses” HAHA! So true tho that made me laugh out loud. That Rimmel brow product intrigued me though, I think I may have to give it a whirl when my NYX one runs out maybe hmmm


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    I’m loving the Rimmel brow products and the nude lipsticks look so great! I know Dove shower gel/soap is boring but I love them haha. The bar soap is actually moisturising and I’m really liking the shower gel/cream(?) I’m using now :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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    Can’t wait for the swatches of the Rimmel lippies!

    Wendy xx

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    I have the Rimmel Lipsticks to try this weekend. Interested to see what they look like on. Haven’t tried any of the others but I’m keen to check out that shampoo and conditioner! <3

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