This time of year is crazy! I find November and December the most stressful of the year because of not only trying to finish up the year work wise but also the pressure surrounded around Christmas. And I know I’m not the only one.. Right?! When Brauer Natural Medicine approached me to work together on a festive post featuring their Calm range I was ecstatic – you may remember I love their Manuka Honey Elixir that I spoke about in September and since then I’ve been quietly testing out the Calm range.


A little bit of background on the company before I jump into how I went with the Calm Oral Spray and my tips for surviving this time of year. Brauer Natural Medicine has been around since 1929 starting as a small pharmacy in the Barossa Valley and slowly growing into what it is today. The range is now stocked Australia wide dotted in 5000 pharmacies, health food stores, supermarkets and department stores. Brauer do herbal, homeopathic medicines as well as paw paw-based skincare and natural baby skincare products.


All these products designed to work with the body – a concept that I absolutely adore about the brand.

As I’ve said a few times over the blog I’ve never got on well with the ‘traditional’ Cold & Flu tablets. For some reason my body just rejects them and I avoid taking them at all because they just make me feel even worse. If there is a more natural effective alternative I’d rather go that route. The Calm range includes ingredients like Passionflower and Zinc that are traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help relieve stress and mild anxiety (I did not know that so I was keen to see how it went for me). These products are designed to help you relax, unwind, helping you to cope better with the effects of stress and provide temporary relief from symptoms, including irritability, restlessness and insomnia. I was sent the Calm Oral Spray 20ml (RRP$21.50) and the Calm Tablets (60 for $21.50) but there is also a Liquid available in two different sizes (200ml $21.50 and 500ml $33.50).



I’ve been keeping the Calm Oral Spray on my work desk because as I said at this time of year work-wise I’m flat out and then I’m also a complete stress head when it comes to finding the perfect presents for my family. The Oral Spray I was a little intimidated by because usually I don’t like any sort of oral sprays but I found the spritz quite refreshing and the taste is actually really nice which I was not expecting. It’s strange because I was certain that the tablets would be for me! You do 4 sprays initially and then 4 more sprays every half an hour for 4 doses. I find that the ritual of doing that quite intense but I find it does make me relax because you’re taking that minute to do spray Calm and then continue with what you’re doing.

I find I prefer to do this in the afternoon because it really help unwind after a big work day or if I’m feeling stressed throughout the day I do a few sprays without the full recommended ritual which helps me plough through. I don’t think every time you want to use the product you need to go through the whole process however of course you do get the most relief when you do so I guess it’s down to how stressed you are too how much relief you need. I wasn’t certain it would be a product for me however since sporadically trying it out since September, then even more so the past two weeks, it is something I don’t think I’ll ever be without it on my desk!



Some other things I find helpful to reduce stress in the lead up to Christmas and just generally is:
-eating less sugar (a HUGE one for me and I highly recommend reducing your sugar intake if you’re feeling highly strung)
– a relaxing bath with bath oils
– doing a bit of exercise like walking the dog or going for a swim
– colouring-in
– watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother (trust me it works!!!)
– reading your favourite book… Or blog ;P
– stepping back


Always remember that the family pressures or pressure you put on yourself in the lead up to Christmas isn’t worth it! Take a step back and look after yourself – it’s so important! There is also a Sleep range that could be beneficial for anyone who finds this time of year a little bit ‘too much’. I’m going to be trying out the Focus Liquid which I’m super excited about and I’ll definitely keep you posted on how I go with that. I feel so lucky to have found Brauer as a brand through blogging and the Calm range is definitely one too try!


Brauer products are available nationally in all good pharmacies and healthfood stores and online from


What are your top tips for staying calm over the Christmas period?

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This post is sponsored by Brauer Natural Skincare however all opinions are my own. I was super excited to work with a brand I absolutely adore! For more information please see our disclaimer.

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    I saw a display of Brauer products in my pharmacy the other day which I looked at and wondered if it works…I’ve used floral drops under the tongue previously and currently take B6 and B12 which I believe helps conquer stress.. But having read your post on the Brauer spritz/spray ..I quite like the idea of that, and I also like the convenience of it..I presume it would enter the bloodstream quickly too..DEFINATELY going to pick up a’s always great to have a thankyou MTA💕

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      Yay! Thank you for commenting Victoria and I hope you have some luck with this one. I’ve been super impressed. Let me know how you go xx

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